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16 May 2005 @ 09:25 am
I am a Sister of the Convent of the Holy Order of Casey-Love  
Fear. My. Ruler.

So, I have a C/O fic or two lying about. Gonna post 'em. Cuz, you know, I am out of the Casey Closet now. I stopped living the double life. Skulking off to back alleys for a quick read. Burning all my old lime green clothing. Nope. I'm done with that sad, unfulfilled life. I'm Out, I'm Proud, I dress LOUD. Lime is not a Crime!

So here they are, not in any particular order...

Title: Candy Girl
Author: DiNovia
Pairing:C/O SVU
Rating: PG-13, mild language.

“Well,” said Olivia Benson, slamming shut the last file on her desk and sliding it into the “To Be Filed” bin, “that’s it for me, guys.” She stood, donned her mahogany leather jacket, and headed out the door of the squad room, humming a little tune. “See ya tomorrow.”

Elliot Stabler looked down at his watch and frowned. “What’s that all about?” he asked, watching Liv’s retreating form as she practically jaunted down the stairs. “That’s the fifth time this month she’s gone home at five o’clock on the dot.” He didn’t notice that he was the only one in the whole squad room that looked the least bit confused.

“Elliot, you’re kidding me, right?” asked Munch, leaning forward in his chair. “You saw our illustrious ADA today, didn’t you?”

Elliot thought about it. “Nah, I missed her. Liv said they went out to lunch today but that’s when I was at Dickie’s parent-teacher conference. Why?”

Tutuola glanced at his partner briefly before leaning forward in his chair. “You didn’t see Casey at all, man? Maybe on the courthouse steps? Think, Elliot.”

The detective slowly shook his head. “No. No, I didn’t see her. Liv had lunch with her and Fin, didn’t you have to testify in the Hudson case?”

“Yeah. Which is why I know why your partner left on time for the eleventh time this month. Not the fifth.”

Elliot quirked an eyebrow, looking from Munch to Fin and back again. “You keepin’ count? And are you saying that the reason Liv is leaving on time a little more these days has something to do with Casey?”

“Aww, man,” said Fin, shaking his head. “He don’t know.”

“No, my friend, he certainly doesn’t,” agreed Munch.

“Look, El, Casey was wearing that color, you know, the lime—though it ain’t like any lime I’ve ever seen—but that bright green? You know?”

By now, Elliot was almost positive he was going insane. “And?”

“And the white GoGo Boots of Doom,” added Munch helpfully.

Elliot waited but when he got no further explanations, he tried again. “And?”

“And what does that remind you of, El?”

When the mortally confused detective didn’t answer, Munch typed a few commands into his laptop and turned the screen to face him. “Look familiar?”

Elliot was now absolutely sure someone in the room was insane. He just didn’t think it was him. “It’s one of those cartoon M&M’s that do the commercials. So?” Then the light bulb went off. “You think Casey was dressed like an M&M?”

“Not just any M&M, Elliot. The green one. You know, the one that makes you horny?” At Elliot’s alarmed yet still clueless look, Fin added, “Dayum, El, doncha even listen to those kids of yours?”

“Let me get this straight,” began Stabler, ignoring Munch’s snort. “You think that ADA Novak intentionally wore lime green and these white gogo boots to represent the green M&M, which apparently is supposed to make you horny?”


“You also think that this outfit has some connection as to why my partner has left work—on time—eleven times this month.”

“You got it.”

“Because...?” A bigger light bulb went off over Elliot’s head. “Oh my god. You think that the M&M outfit is some sort of signal to Liv that she should go home on time so that she and Casey can...”

“Rock the bus?”

“Do the horizontal mambo?”

“Feed the kitties?”

“Bump fuzzies?”

“Stop! Just stop! I swear I’ll shoot the next person who says a single word!” Elliot didn’t think he was joking either. The images in his head were making his eyes bleed.

“Prove us wrong, man! Call Casey’s office.”

Elliot glared at the other two detectives. He picked up his desk phone and hit the speed dial. He listened for a few minutes then hung up. “She’s gone home for the day.”

“Now call the good ADA’s cell phone.”

Elliot did that, too. He hung up without saying a word. “It went to voice mail.”

“</i>Now</i> call Liv’s cell. You know she’ll answer if it’s you.”

Elliot gave the two detectives another glare for good measure and dialed the number.

“Put it on speaker phone, El,” said Fin.

Elliot jabbed at the speaker button and the tinny sound of Liv’s cell phone ringing filled the squad room. After a second, an obviously breathless Olivia Benson said, “Elliot? Is everything okay?” Before Elliot could answer her, though, the muffled sounds of a female voice in the background could be heard, followed by a gasp definitely made by Olivia and a quiet, almost desperate order for Casey to stop for two seconds so Olivia could answer the damn—oh, God—phone.

Elliot practically leapt for the speaker button, grabbing up the handset as if his life depended on it. “Liv, sorry, I hit the speed dial by accident. Have a good night.”

He hung up before Liv could even say a word.

Munch looked at Elliot. Fin looked at Munch. Elliot looked at the floor.

Finally he said, “Do they sell them by color?”

Only Fin was brave enough to ask.

“Do they sell what by color?”

“M&Ms,” said Elliot. Then the detective grinned like the cat that ate a whole box of canaries.


Olivia Benson was tired, but pleasantly so. She had had a wonderful evening. And night. And early morning. And later morning. Smiling to herself, she pulled one hand over her head with the other, stretching as she walked into the squad room.

But she stopped dead when she saw what was on her desk and her smile simply melted away.

Without looking up or saying hello to anyone, she ducked into the locker room. Elliot held his finger up to his lips as he and Fin and Munch all crowded around the door, listening for what would happen next.

It turned out to be Olivia making an urgent call on her cell.

“Casey, honey, listen to me. The guys found out about the outfit...Yes, they did...Trust me, I know this for a fact...Because there is a giant bowl of green M&Ms on my friggin’ desk!...ON MY DESK!...Okay, okay, this isn’t—what?...What!...On your desk? Oh, great!...I’m never gonna to live this down...We lost a perfectly good—wait. Casey, does Hershey’s make purple M&Ms?”


Title: The Eyes Have It
Author: DiNovia
Pairing: C/O SVU
Rating: Mature, mild sexual activity

ADA Casey Novak took a deep, calming breath before entering the squad room. She was more nervous about this than she had been about trying her first case in court and she felt utterly ridiculous.

You’re not in the freakin’ 8th grade, Casey Novak. It’s not like this is going to cost you your date to the junior prom.

Squaring her shoulders and setting her mouth into a thin, determined line, Casey entered the room, vaguely aware of laughing voices and relaxed conversation. Munch was the first person to notice her presence. Of course.

“Well, well, if it isn’t our friendly neighborhood assistant district attorney. And look, boys and girls, she’s sporting new gear!”

“Thanks, John,” she ground out from between tightly clenched teeth. She colored slightly as she glanced from detective to detective. “Yeah, new ‘gear’. The doctor said she didn’t know if it was a result of the concussion, but I have an astigmatism now.” She reached up and nervously touched the thin, gold wire frames.

All of the detectives—except for one—crowded around the ADA.

“Very stylish, Counselor. Very stylish, indeed,” commented Munch, laying on the charm. “Don’t believe that old saying, okay? Men actually do make passes at girls who wear glasses.”

“That’s right, scare the woman, why doncha?” asked Fin, punching Munch in the arm. “Don’t pay him any mind, Casey. I like ‘em. They look real good.”

“Yeah, they do,” agreed Elliot, giving the attorney a supportive smile. “Don’t you think so, Liv?”

Olivia Benson blinked at her partner, vaguely aware that he had just asked her a question but she had no idea what it was. She’d been rooted to her seat ever since Casey Novak had walked into the room with the sexiest, most amazing pair of wire-rimmed glasses adorning her alabaster features.

Not willing to embarrass herself by answering El’s question incorrectly or by asking him to repeat himself, Olivia ignored him completely, bolting out of her chair and pushing through the crowd of men around the ADA.

“Casey, can I talk to you alone for a minute?” she asked. Before Casey could respond, however, Liv grabbed the younger woman’s hand and pulled her down the hall into one of the interrogation rooms. She had just enough presence of mind to remember the two-way glass but not enough coherent thought to do anything about it.

Instead, once fully inside the room, Olivia dropped Casey’s hand as if it had scalded her. Casey closed the door while Olivia began to pace.

“Olivia?” She watched the older woman prowl back and forth as if she’d just mainlined three triple-shot espressos and followed them with a NoDoze chaser. “Liv? What’s wrong?” Touching the new frames self-consciously, she asked, “You don’t like them?”

Olivia glanced at the ADA and scowled. “No, I don’t like them, Casey. I love them.” She flexed long fingers over and over, as if they were just itching to touch something…something that was way out of reach.

Casey stepped forward and grabbed Olivia’s arms, forcing the detective to stop her manic pacing. “Olivia, stop. Just stop.” Once she had the woman’s attention, she allowed confusion to break across her features in a wave. “Alex had glasses, too, Liv. Did you feel this… Oh my god, you did! You did feel this way about her glasses. And you told her, too, didn’t you?”

Olivia looked away, blushing. “Yes. She told me she was straight.”

Casey almost grinned with relief but she just managed to keep it under control. “What makes you think that I’m not straight, too?” she asked softly.

Wide brown eyes snapped towards her and began rapidly filling with frustrated tears. “Perfect. Just perfect.” She tried to pull out of the taller woman’s embrace but Casey was holding on too tightly. “I can’t have made another pass at a straight woman. Not again.” She struggled harder, desperate to put some distance between her and the dream that was crumbling around her.

“Shhh...Olivia, calm down.” Casey shook the older woman gently, trying to get her attention. “Olivia, listen to me. I’m not straight, okay? I’m not. I promise.”


The words came out harsh and arid, as though Olivia had just emerged from the scorched desert only to have Casey offer her a taste of the freshest, coolest water.

The attorney shook her head and smiled tenderly, touched by Olivia’s desire. She reached out and cupped the older woman’s cheek in her hand, drawing her closer until their lips brushed against each other.

A tentative deepening of the touch and another and finally Olivia could restrain herself no longer. She wound her fingers in Casey’s silky red tresses, her hot mouth laying claim to lips and tongue and a sweetness she’d never known before. When she began to see explosions like starlight behind her eyes, she wrenched free of the kiss, taking in a ragged breath.

“We need to get out of here,” she growled softly, sliding her hands down Casey’s arms and twining her fingers with the younger woman’s in a charming display of possessiveness.

“Let me take you home, Liv,” whispered Casey between soft nips and hungry touches. “I want you in my bed. I want your body next to mine, skin to skin.” She kissed Olivia again, indulging in a long, slow, thoroughly sensual exploration. The heat of her mouth ignited raging infernos all over the detective’s body. “I want to be inside you,” she breathed against kiss-swollen lips.

Olivia tried to calm the pounding throb of her aching heart but she eventually gave it up as a lost cause.

“Yes,” she said, gulping air. She pressed her lips to the redhead’s leaping pulse point in the hollow of her throat. “Take me home, Case. Take me home. Now.”

ADA Casey Novak took a deep breath, twined her fingers with those of Detective Olivia Benson, squared her shoulders, and re-entered the squad room, her earlier nervousness replaced by a stunning, almost wolfish grin. Casey had never been as determined as she was at that very moment.

Determined, that is, to get Olivia Benson where she belonged...naked, warm, and breathless beneath her.

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(Anonymous) on May 16th, 2005 01:59 pm (UTC)
so i'm like, waiting for the sequel to Eyes...

and i laughed myself sick over candy girl.

it ain't easy being green.
seftiri: candoseftiri on May 16th, 2005 07:36 pm (UTC)
Re: mmm
Right....sequel...forgot all about it. ;) Working on it this afternoon, I think. Maybe it will be up sometime tomorrow? I'm glad you approved of them. ;)
(Anonymous) on May 17th, 2005 11:19 am (UTC)
Re: mmm
approve? whole heartedly. especially like some of the minor changes. nice touches. :D