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School Starts Tomorrow (And I Miss My Girlfriend)

Okay, so yeah. I'm taking 3 classes this semester because of the whole "free semester" thing due to winning that essay contest. I chose English 112 (Argument-Based Research), Anatomy & Physiology I (with lab), and Intro to Sociology. I figured that Eng 112 and Intro to Soc I could sleep through.

Yeah. No.

I don't know about Intro to Soc yet but Eng 112 is not a sleep-through class. O_O I just read my syllabus online. It's definitely not a cakewalk class. And it's my 8am class. Sigh...

BUT...and this is a big professor seems to ROCK HARD, as opposed to my former English professor, Mr. Sucksalot. This is an excerpt from her intro:

Sights and Sounds
Music. I listen to all manner of noise, but there is a soft spot in my heart for the music of my childhood and adolescence (R.E.M., Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, early Beck, Beastie Boys). I am also partial to their musical predecessors (The Velvet Underground, Neil Young, The Beatles, etc.). I had an unfortunate country music phase in middle school to which I still occasionally revert. I have been known to listen to music made after the mid-1990s. Sometimes.

Movies. I like silly movies (Monty Python), creepy movies (Tim Burton), and silly, creepy movies (horror films of the 1980s). I will also watch anything Judd Apatow has made (Superbad, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, etc.) or Quentin Tarantino films from the 1990s.

Television. Even though I have tried not to, I watch Grey's Anatomy. I am a sucker for crime shows: Law and Order, CSI, Criminal Minds, yet I watch none of them regularly. I also love old school children's programming like Fraggle Rock, The Smurfs, and old Spiderman cartoons. I cannot stand either the UK or US version of The Office. I'm sorry.

Yeah. See what I mean?? I don't necessarily agree with Grey's Anatomy and Judd Apatow films, but she frickin' watches CRIMINAL MINDS and listens to NINE INCH NAILS. I can make allowances. Hell, after Sucksalot, she's a veritable goddess and I haven't even laid eyes on her yet.

Speaking of goddesses, I miss my girlfriend. :(

I had a wonderful time with my gorgeous girl in Sin City (LOL). We went to the 10th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Experience and got to meet the incredibly beautiful and wonderfully kind Suzie Plakson again. I bought a new Seven of Nine tshirt because my old one (now probably 8 or 10 years old) is disintegrating now. And I got Suzie's autograph again, this time as Dr. Selar.

We also went to see the Blue Man Group at the Venetian and OMG, was that FUN! There is no way to completely describe the experience but I will have to say that I am a sucker for three things: blacklights, humor, and throbbing drumbeats and this show had all of that and more. It was very educational too!

My gorgeous girl and I also sat down and watched all of Seasons 2 and 3 (what has been released so far) of Criminal Minds, sometimes watching up to 8 episodes a day. Between playing Katamari and eating out and watching great movies and other fun things, too, of course. ;)

But you want to know my favorite part of the whole trip? Waking up with Tiff's hand in my hand, because yeah, somehow we end up holding hands WHILE WE ARE SLEEPING (movie pun intended). I know it sounds beyond sappy, but it's true. So is the fact that I actually sleep better and for longer periods of uninterrupted time when we're together.

Yeah, I'm totally in love. Sue me.

Anyway, I have errands to run before bed tonight! Talk to you later!


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