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27 August 2008 @ 11:40 pm
Another meme? Shouldn't you be writing? ;)  
Gacked from babydykecate.

Post the first line from your last 25 fanfics and try to find a pattern. 

My pattern?  Apparently I don't like to begin with dialogue as that only happens three times out of twenty-five.  Also, most of my first lines are over ten words long (19/25) and only five mention (or are uttered by) men.

Feel free to point out anything else you might see...

1.  "Penelope Garcia's cell phone's insistent jangling jolted her awake and the first thing she noticed after her eyes adjusted to the dim light filtering in through her purple curtains was a white envelope on the pillow next to hers in her bed, the pillow usually occupied at this time of the morning by her beautiful lover."  Shattered Glass, Tempered Steel  Criminal Minds, JJ/Garcia

2.  "She had no time to think, really."  Whatever the Cost  ST:TNG, Troi/Yar

3.  "It's hardest for her on those Gamma shifts immediately after they've had a narrow escape."  Distance  ST:VOY, Janeway

4.  "Time stretched and twisted, mutating out of all normal proportion, and Emily Prentiss wondered if it had something to do with the universal fluorescence and lack of oxygen present in all hospital waiting areas."  Looking for a Penny on an Empty Beach  Criminal Minds, JJ/Garcia

5.  "Rillo Verk, a Ghiriti merchant trader currently in residence on Parvala Station, looked up from the completion of his latest transaction and groaned."  Half Dozen of Another  ST:VOY, T/7

6.  "'What in the--'"  Six of One  ST:VOY, T/7

7.  "Jessica found her where she knew she would: in the basement records room, far away from windows and light and air."  Tables Turned  Shark, Devlin/Poe

8.  "Will Riker stopped at the bar to order a raktajino before making his way over to Deanna's corner table."  Sanctuary (part 1)  ST:TNG, Troi/Yar

9.  "Deanna Troi stood impatiently outside Lieutenant Natasha Yar's quarters waiting for the young woman to answer her chime."  Sanctuary (part 2)  ST:TNG, Troi/Yar

10.  "Kat Miller stood with her back to the bar and stared at the entrance, watching impatiently as snow swirled in around the latest patron."  Plus One  Cold Case/L&O, Rush/Southerlyn

11.  "Olivia Benson's nondescript sedan screeched to a stop near the black and whites, their lights flashing garishly in the night as a pair of uniform cops created a perimeter at the corner of West 170th and Fort Washington Avenue."  Meet Me in St. Louis  L&O:SVU, Casey/Olivia

12.  "In the darkness of her bedroom, deep in the unforgiving night, Madeline Poe sometimes questioned her good fortune."  After the Silver Spoon  Shark, Devlin/Poe

13.  "Calleigh Duquesne had long ago made a deal with herself and the world at large never to swear to anything either before her first cup of coffee or before 8am."  One Thing That Never Happened in Horatio's Lab  ST:VOY/CSI:Miami, T/7 and DuVista

14.  "A quiet chime broke the silence in Astrometrics and Seven of Nine looked in the direction of the offending sound, her porcelain features simultaneously curious and irritated."  Just Add Water  ST:VOY, T/7

15.  "The first thing Lennie noticed was that he couldn't smell New York anymore."  The Choir Invisible  L&O, Lennie

16.  "'You're going where?'"  The Awakening  L&O:SVU, Casey/Olivia

17.  "It's hard to be in the same room with you, Sara Sidle, thought Sofia Curtis, glancing at the dark head bent over some journal or another at the far end of the spartan room where Grissom's CSIs all consumed the caffeinated sludge that fueled their long nights."  A Trick of the Eye  CSI:Vegas, Sassy

18.  "Olivia Benson is hyper-focused...and nauseous."  One Day/One Life  L&O:SVU, Casey/Olivia

19.  "At first, she thought the vision on the other side of the big plate glass window of McNally's was a ghost."  The Good Earth  L&O:SVU, Casey/Olivia

20.  "It was not unusual for Casey Novak to stare at Olivia Benson at completely inappropriate or inopportune times."  The Question    L&O:SVU, Casey/Olivia

21.  "When Olivia Benson got the message that Casey Novak needed her help and would she please stop by her apartment sometime Saturday afternoon, the detective did not expect to be moving furniture around."  A Simple Message  L&O:SVU, Casey/Olivia

22.  "'Liv--'"  Who Outranks a Captain?  L&O:SVU, Casey/Olivia

23.  "Happening at the same time, but across town from each other:"  Busted  L&O:SVU, Casey/Olivia

24.  "Casey Novak, ADA for the Sex Crimes department of the Manhattan DA's office, was in a foul mood."  Mood Therapy  L&O:SVU, Casey/Olivia

25.  "Too.Many.Rules."  Breakers (Part of Pairology: A Dyad of Love's Ramble)  L&O:SVU, Casey/Olivia


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tulliolus: canimtulliolus on August 28th, 2008 07:24 pm (UTC)
18 out of 25 first lines include the name of a character. 15 of those include more than one of the character's names.

/me removes nerd glasses.

I had a quick look, and was humbled to find that even by the most inclusive definition, including drabbles, brainstorming sessions and long-abandoned squibs, I haven't actually written 25 fanfics. Shan't be gacking this one, I fear. I do have another one on the go, though.

Shut up and smile: Comics // Runaways // OMFGmorningafter2 on August 28th, 2008 10:30 pm (UTC)
Not only do you mention their names, you mention their full names in 15 of those 18.

I nicked this one!