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Yeah, Yeah...These four are the last for a while...I gotta write

So these are the last four for right now, even though shaych_03 sent me some absolutely GORGEOUS caps of DN from Drac II & III. I'll just have to restrain myself. And those of you who know of my vampiregrrl fetish know how hard this is going to be for me. But I have to write. I have one C/O that is essentially done except for some (hopefully) easy additions, I have another that is half done, and three more that are in various states of completion. I have to get back to work on them.

Included in this group are

[1] DN
[1] Olivia
[2] Casey

1. DN4 2. Liv Naughty
3. Casey Kidding 4. Casey Broken

Usual disclaimer: no credit needed, just comments, please. :)


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