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01 July 2009 @ 08:24 am
Otalia Dreams FTMFW  

This really doesn't happen too often. But last night I had not one, but two Otalia dreams.

In the first one, I played the part of Natalia--that is, I was seeing out of Natalia's eyes. Luckily, I looked like Jessica Leccia. Anyway, Buzz and Natalia (me) were searching for Olivia, who had disappeared from Springfield under suspicious circumstances. We found her running a tiny bed & breakfast somewhere in South Carolina where the trees were dripping with Spanish moss and the air hummed with cicada-song and humidity. Olivia had no idea who she was--she had amnesia. And Buzz and Natalia arrived just ahead of a threatened tornado. Olivia bundled all of us into what looked like a large, freestanding ballroom--and by all of us, I mean Buzz, Natalia (me), two kids who had been walking down the dusty road, and the few guests who had been staying at the B&B. We covered windows with mattresses and set other mattresses on the floor to make us comfortable. Olivia kept catching me staring at her and she confronted me. I told her a story about my life--the whole storyline up to and including a wedding. The entire time I spoke, I pulled her closer to me until she was sitting on the mattress in front of me. I was teary as I spoke, watching her beautiful green eyes for any hint of recognition and seeing none. Then I said, "So you see, I'm searching for my wife."

She reached out her hand. "What's your wife's name?" she asked, looking confused.

"Olivia," I whispered. And it was the most AMAZING thing. I watched her eyes go from a stranger's eyes to Olivia Spencer's eyes in one second. It was as if she'd blinked and her whole world, her whole memory came flooding back and it all showed in her freakin' eyes!

"It's me," she whispered and she lowered herself on top of me and was about to kiss me when....


Goddamn alarm. I never, ever get the kiss.


So I hit snooze and got this second dream instead.

In this dream, I was myself and I was holding a very pregnant Natalia in my arms, carrying as if I was carrying her over the threshold of a home. Olivia was with us. We were in a gigantic antiques store, looking for a bed because we were afraid Natalia was going to give birth soon. As we were searching for the bed section, we stumbled across my grandmother (who passed away over a year ago) sitting in a rocking chair. She asked me where I was going and I told her that I was looking for a bed for my wife, Natalia, so that she could have our baby.

My grandmother asked, "You're married? To a woman?"

I replied, "Yes, I'm married. To two women. This is my wife, Natalia." I leaned down with Natalia and let her kiss my grandmother's cheek. "And this," I said, indicating Olivia next to me, "is my wife, Olivia."

"And Natalia is having a baby?" my grandmother asked.

"Yep. Hopefully today."

My grandmother looked vaguely shocked but said "Well, it sounds like a real family."

"It is," I said, and I kissed her cheek and told her we'd be back later with the baby.

Then we moved on, getting lost in glassware, until the ALARM went off again.

I love dreams like that....


I was married to Olivia Freakin' Spencer twice last night! ::squee!::


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shay: fallingshaych_03 on July 1st, 2009 02:18 pm (UTC)
ROFL. you have the wackiest, weirdest, most entertaining dreams...
fewthistlefewthistle on July 2nd, 2009 05:18 pm (UTC)
You suck. Honestly. Just saying.