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06 February 2010 @ 06:32 pm
ANNOUNCEMENT: New Femslash for Fans Interview Coming Soon!  
"Now (Star Trek) Voyager" - Cohosts Allaine and DiNovia Talk With Authors Lisa Countryman, Katrina Blau, & Evilbunyovrlord

Thursday, 2/11/10 at 10:00pm ET

Having recently discussed Xena: Warrior Princess on my show, F4F turns to another fandom that continues to live on despite the fact that the original series ended its run in the spring of 2001. "Star Trek: Voyager" was UPN's flagship program when the network debuted, the first Trek to air on prime-time since the original series, and the only show to survive UPN's disastrous first season. It went on to last for a highly influential seven seasons, introducing such firsts as the first female Starfleet captain and the first Borg cast member. (Not to mention, first Borg to become an instant sex symbol.) And fittingly, Voyager was the first Trek series to have a large femslash following in the fanfic community, most of it centering on its three most popular female characters - Kathryn Janeway, B'Elanna Torres, and Seven of Nine. I'll be talking to three of the most successful authors from that community - "Wonders of the House Presba" coauthor Katrina Blau; "She Who Hesitates" writer Lisa Countryman, and extremely prolific author Evilbunyovrlord. Only this time, I'm going to have help. DiNovia, who earlier appeared as a guest during my Otalia discussion, has graciously agreed to lend me her experience as the writer of Voyager fics like "Queen of Hearts" and serve as my cohost for this night's show.

For more information: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/allaine

And, yes, folks, I'm co-hosting.

So put this on your calendars!