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16 March 2010 @ 01:07 am
Fic: NCIS, Ziva/Abby, two shorts, one by Lisa Countryman, one by DiNovia  
So, these are the evils of Skype.  Lisa Countryman and I have been spending a little time together on Skype working on our respective NCIS epics and, when we get stuck, we sometimes give each other "challenges"....  On this particular day, the "challenge" was to use the following four words (of which we each picked two) in a fic written in 30 minutes.  Here are the results.  We would like to extend the "challenge" to all of you.  Please feel free to join in.

The words chosen were: lemur and sunrise (Lisa's words) and aloha and twist-tie (DiNovia's words). 

We look forward to reading your contributions!

Title: Lemur Sunrise
Author: Lisa Countryman
Rating: R
A/N:  Challenge response.


Ziva stood in line at the convenience store and let out a frustrated sigh. Abby had sent her out to get bagels. Bagels, when she could be in bed with her lover, rather wife. They’d been married since 3:17 the day before. And now, at 5:32 a.m., on the island of Hawaii, Ziva David was standing in line and the “Aloha” market, looking for blueberry bagels.

She purchased the bagels, and made her way back to the private beach two miles away. She was not happy with her new wife. She wasn’t particularly thrilled with being sent on an errand on her first day as a newlywed. And worst of all, Tony DiNozzo would certainly call her whipped. She saw their small cabin on the beach and hurried inside. The sun was not up yet, and Ziva yawned as she came into the living room.

“Hey, Mrs. Sciuto,” Abby said with a huge grin. She was in a fluffy white bathrobe and standing next to the sliding glass door that looked out onto their secluded beach.

Any anger Ziva had been feeling evaporated and she knew exactly why she’d been at a convenience store, out of bed before the sun was out of its resting place behind the horizon. Any momentary discomfort was a tiny price to pay for the smile that greeted her. “I found your bagels,” Ziva said as she held out the bag.

“Thanks,” Abby said as she crossed to where Ziva was standing. She took the bag and tossed it onto the counter and spun to take Ziva’s face in her hands. “I love you, Mrs. Sciuto,” she answered and then kissed her wife.

No matter how many times they kissed, both women were still feeling by the weight of emotion that crashed down each time they came together. Abby whimpered and after three more kisses, she pulled away. “I made coffee, strong just like you love it.” She picked up the bagels and put them into the toaster.

“Thank you, Abigail.” Ziva felt oddly nervous, as if she wasn’t quite certain how to interact now that they were married. She glanced down at the simple titanium band and smiled. She and Abby had exchanged vows in Washington, D.C. with Gibbs, Ducky, McGee, and yes, even DiNozzo, acting as witnesses at the courthouse. And now, six thousand miles away, they were on their honeymoon.

“Remember when I asked you?” Abby turned once the bagels were toasted.

“Of course,” Ziva said. She took the coffee cup Abby had placed on the low counter and took a sip. “Mmm,” she murmured. The strong, acidic coffee met her tongue and sent heat down her throat.

Abby nodded and turned toward her wife. Abby had shaped the twist-tie into a circle. She stepped forward and slipped it over Ziva’s finger and they both smiled. Abby had asked on the spur of the moment, and had used a twist-tie to seal their engagement. She’d promised to get a real ring, but had never found the perfect one. They’d agreed to not settle for anything other than perfect.

“Come with me,” Abby whispered. She grabbed the plate with two bagels and led Ziva to the table on the small patio overlooking the beach. A candle lit the table, but the sun was nearing the horizon, painting the sky orange. She guided Ziva into a chair and sat across from her.

Abby sipped a glass of juice and smiled at the mug she'd grabbed. It was from the Honolulu zoo on Oahu, and had two smiling lemurs on it.

Ziva stared at her wife, amazed that she had somehow managed to build a life with her, with anyone as perfect for her. As the bright gold of the sun sparked across the water, Abby stood and moved to Ziva, and then knelt in front of her and took her hand.

“Abigail?” Ziva asked.

“This is the first day of our life together, Ziva.” Abby pulled a ring from her pocket. “I know this engagement ring is late, but I wanted your first sunrise as my wife to let the sun hit this ring.”

Ziva looked down and saw a titanium band with a deep green diamond channel set in the ring. A smaller white diamond on each side accented the center stone that was exactly the color of Abby’s eyes.

Ziva leaned down and kissed Abby, and then stood and spun Abby so they were both facing the sunrise. She squeezed Abby close and sighed. “It is perfect, Abigail.” 


Title: Aloha Twist-Tie
Author: DiNovia
Rating: R
A/N: Challenge response:


“Aloooooooha, darlin',” stage-whispered the forensics analyst as she leaned over the bed. Abby drew out the word and made it sing-songy, well aware that she was being obnoxious and too cheerful and that the bed's current occupant would not be pleased.

Brown eyes popped open. “What is that light?” asked Ziva, looking toward the plate glass wall that overlooked a private, white-sand beach with sparkling, clear blue water. Or so the brochures said. Currently, all she saw was a velvety darkness with a hint of gold running along the underside, like bleach leeching color from one of Abby's impenetrably black tee-shirts.

“Um...the sunrise?” said Abby, sliding back into the bed behind her wife, draping herself over bare olive skin. She sighed with the rightness of how they fit together, sighed with the utter magnitude of her love, carved into her soul as into stone, giant, towering letters proclaiming, “I love Ziva David!”

“Ugggh,” Ziva groaned, burrowing into her down pillow covered in the finest satin, hiding her eyes. “You know I could kill you with a twist-tie from a loaf of bread, right? Why am I up at this hour, Abigail?”

“Because I missed you,” said Abby simply, drawing her fingertips down Ziva's side, watching in the growing auric light as gooseflesh followed in their wake. “We've been married now for, like, almost eighteen hours and I practically can't believe how in love with you I am.” She bit her lip, smiling shyly against Ziva's shoulder. “Forgive me?”

Ziva turned in Abby's long arms and kissed her, long and slow and deep. When they parted, she sought Abby's apple green eyes with her own, brushing dark hair aside. “You are forgiven, Mrs. David,” she said huskily.

“Remember that later, okay?” said Abby, leaning in to lay a trail of burning kisses along Ziva's throat.

The young Israeli pulled her own hair away from her neck and tilted her head to give Abby better access. “What is happening later?” she asked breathlessly, her eyes fluttering shut as Abby nipped at her sensitive ear lobe.

“Lemurs,” murmured Abby as she rolled Ziva onto her back and slid her hand between caramel-colored thighs. “Lemurs are happening later.” She gasped as her fingers found Ziva's searing, silken desire. “But they can wait,” she said finally, her voice shredded by her need. She arched into Ziva, heart pounding.

“Thank God,” gasped Ziva. “Because I cannot.”

And Abigail David was so not the type to keep her wife waiting.


Hope you enjoyed them!


Lisa Countryman and DiNovia</span>

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Ariestessariestess on March 18th, 2010 03:34 pm (UTC)
*chuckles* Those are fun!
cherokeenight on April 19th, 2010 06:33 pm (UTC)
Hide Besid e Me?
Hi. Was just wondering if you would be updating Hide Beside Me any more. It's a beautiful story, and we have such a cliffhanger.