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I Think He's My Geico Rep

This is Leonard.
Lenny, for short.
He joined me on my easy chair about an hour ago,
as I was answering email.
He is either a Thanksgiving visitation akin to Scrooge's Christmas visitations
or he is my Geico rep here to sell me renter's insurance.
All I know is that he matches my shirt almost perfectly
and he is amazingly content to wander
the alien landscape of me, reclining with laptop,
and to be photographed.
He is not skittish of the paparazzi, apparently.
I have discovered other things about Lenny.
1) He's an excellent jumper.  No, really.  Olympic caliber.
2) He's exhausted!  Poor thing took a nap on my knee.
3) He's a good listener.  Only yawned during my interrogation of him once!
4) He was originally attracted to the heat cast-off from my laptop vent and would still be basking there happily
if I didn't insist upon moving around, like a human being, rather than laying perfectly still, like a friendly rock.

I propose a toast!
To Lenny!
Long may he roam!
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