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Weirdest. Gmail Web Clip Ad. Ever.

So I have my Gmail set to send me daily, as-they-happen updates on a few things.  The happenings of Diane Neal are one of them.  Sue me. 

Lately, I haven't been following Diane so just now, when I got an update, I opened it to see what it was.  It was not so helpful, actually, but Gmail, in its creepy Big Brother way, also posted above the email a webclip ad.  For a company by the name of Lime Crime Makeup.  (

No.  Seriously. 

All you Limers out there will, of course, recognize our early battle cry when we were yet a small but earnest rag-tag group of fans of one Diane Neal. 

Lime is not a Crime! made its way onto several avis, icons, signature templates, gifs, etc.  See my own above.

Which is why it was so very STRANGE to have that particular web clip ad appear over an email about Diane Neal.  Did I mention that the email did not reference the word "lime" at all--not even once?

Maybe I shouldn't be as creeped out by this as I am, but something like this happened to me once before.  I had sent an email to a friend where I referenced my brother by his first name only.  The web clip ad that appeared over my friend's reply was for my brother's software design company.  My brother doesn't even have the same last name as me (long story short: neither was happy with their last name, no hyphenation was wanted, so he and his wife created a new last name), so somehow Google's relevance software picked up my name, my brother's first name, and what?  Made an assumption? 

The email where I referenced my brother, by the way, did not reference his company or his job or anything.  I'm almost certain I was talking about one of his kids.  But somehow Google pulled a webclip ad for his company out of its virtual ass and put it over the email.  And that's the only time I've ever seen an ad for my brother's company anywhere.   

Seriously, people.  What kind of relevance software are they using over there in Googleland?  O_o



PS....I'm thinking about writing again.  A lot, actually.  Original works this time, though.  I have too many good ideas that I need to get down on "paper."

This might mean that I'll be resurrecting my original works LJ community sugaredlimes.  Be on the look out for new posts there next year after I get back from seeing and spoiling my brilliant girlfriend in CA.  ;) 

For those of you who will no doubt respond with well-crafted pleas for me to finish Hide Beside Me, I'm not saying I will never finish it.  But I haven't been able to get back into it since the fandom crashed and burned over the release of Venice and the tweeting foibles of CC.  I just cannot reconcile the character of Olivia in my head with what happened in real life.  I apologize.  Hope is not fully dead, though.  Just remember that.

I have one NCIS piece that I have promised to post before the 23rd and I will do so.  After that, I am going to focus on publishable material.

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