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And So it Begins....

It's official! I gave my notice today and am leaving for CA and the love of my life on Sunday, 8/14.

I can't wait! My past, present, and future are finally meshing well and I'm ready to start a new life.

Am I a little anxious? Yes. Am I waaaaaay excited? Hell, yes! Am I a little sad? Yes. Am I so very happy that I'll have family and friends on both coasts now? YES!

So, those of you wondering what the Hell is going on with me, here's your update:

I'm head over heels for a beautiful, amazing woman and we've decided that our little family doesn't need to be bi-coastal anymore.

I have procured a new career position at a wonderful academic institution and will start there at the end of the month.

In the meantime, I have given notice at my current position, I have packed and sorted and downsized, and I am ready to hop in my car--with said girlfriend--and we'll be off for home on 8/14.

I'll try to update you a little more recently from now on, okay?


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