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New Words with DiNovia

New words and phrases are marked by '**' .

(Remember, I'm a dork.) (Or geek.) (Whatever.)

Limerism noun

The belief that Diane Neal is a wonderful actress and human being and that the character Casey Novak is a wonderful, funny, vibrant, and totally lovable addition to "Law & Order: SVU".

The Limer Goddess proper noun

Diane Neal or Casey Novak or any of her past/future roles.

Limer noun

Someone who identifies themselves as a fan of Diane Neal/Casey Novak or any other Diane Neal role. Example: "Oooh, have you heard? Erin came out as a Limer the other day!"

Limeaholic noun

One who is addicted to all things Diane Neal. Example: There is no known 12-Step program to assist Limeaholics. Who would want one? Submitted by shaych_03.

LimeHead noun

Any person (i.e. Audra) who loves the color lime when it pertains to the character of Casey Novak or the actress Diane Neal. Said person also loves the color purple with lime as worn by ADA Novak on "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit". Example: Audra, a total LimeHead, often found herself drawn to clothing styles she would not usually wear simply because they came in a combination of lime green and purple. Submitted by audragoren.

Limeristic adjective

Someone or something that promotes Limerism. Example: Several TWoPpers denounced a recent episode recap for being too Limeristic.

Limerspak noun

Lingo, jargon, verbage, etc. used by Limers to express themselves Limeristically. Example: It is very difficult to follow Erin's online conversations if you are not conversant in Limerspak. Submitted by shaych_03.

Limergeek noun

One who studies, in depth, the slowly growing phenomenon of Limerism. Submitted by shaych_03.

The Lime Avenger proper noun

Casey Novak when expressing great intensity or passion, as seen in "Poison", "Night", "Day", or "Goliath." Example: And then The Lime Avenger subpoenaed Donald Rumsfeld, and they all lived happily ever after. Submitted by deify_bd_wong.

Operation Limecrime proper noun

The self-appointed job of a Limer to defend and/or make gentle fun of Diane Neal's or Casey Novak's sense of style. Example: "If you haven't read dancing_crazy's Operation Limecrime piece at her LJ, you are missing out!" Submitted by shaych_03.

The Great Unwashed proper noun

Those people who--for whatever reason--are not yet Limers. Example: Erin made it a habit to always speak Limeristically of Diane Neal and/or Casey Novak whenever there was the slightest chance of her Limerizing The Great Unwashed.

to Limerize verb

1. The act of, in some way, physically changing an item so it in some way represents or reminds one of Diane Neal/Casey Novak. Example: Erin Limerized her VW Bug when she painted it neon green with purple racing stripes.

2. The act of converting a person into a Limer by means of an impassioned argument, a well-researched essay, an excellent SVU episode, or a particularly fun piece of fanfic. Example: Erin accidentally Limerized eight people when she posted "20/20" to an SVUfic Yahoo Group.

to Limify verb

The act of startling another person with your fangirlish/fanboyish squeeing over Diane Neal/Casey Novak or with an extreme (but essentially harmless) tribute or Diane Neal/Casey Novak collection. Example: A group of twenty people wearing lime green baseball tees emblazoned with the phrase "Proud to be a Limer" can be truly Limifying to those who are caught unawares.

Limery adjective

A neutral descriptive word, used to describe either animate or inanimate objects that remind one of Diane Neal/Casey Novak. Example: "I was going to buy the green skirt suit but I didn't think it was Limery enough."

Limerie noun

A gathering or group of Limers. Example: It eventually became commonplace to see a Limerie whenever Diane Neal appeared in public.

Limerific adjective

A particularly emphatic descriptor for objects or people who are very Diane Neal/Casey Novak positive. Example: "OMG! Have you seen dani_ellie's LJ layout? It's totally LIMERIFIC!"

Limetastic adjective

A super-emphatic descriptor for objects or people who are very Diane Neal/Casey Novak positive. Example: "Did you see that there's another Limetastic Diane post over at Caseynovak?" Submitted by shaych_03.

Limegazer noun

A person who Example: "Don't expect Erin to be available to leave her house today. There's a season 6 SVU marathon on and you know what a Limegazer she is." Submitted by shaych_03.

Limeblinders noun **

The imaginary objects that allow a viewer to ignore or lessen the impact of unfortunate moments on SVU by restricting focus to the Limer Goddess and/or other Limetastic moments. Example: "My Limeblinders helped me to ignore the idiocy of Carolyn Maddox's defense strategy during 'Strain'."

to Limenotize verb

The ability of Diane Neal to cause a condition amongst her fans characterized by wide-eyed staring, the cessation of regular respiration, gasping, drooling, or the expression of interjections such as "Day-um!" or "OMFG!" or "Jesus Fucking Christ, she is so HOT!". Example: Erin found herself completely Limenotized when Diane Neal's character began to exhibit a vampiric nature. Submitted by shaych_03.

Limerooni noun

A person who is a leeeeetle too Limeristic (like the author of this ridonkulous post, for instance.) Example: No one refuted the fact that Erin was a Limerooni. Note: Can also be used as an adjective.

Heart of Lime descriptive phrase

A phrase used to describe someone who is funny, sweet, courageous and maybe a little bit naive. Example: "I am looking for a girlfriend with a Heart of Lime." Submitted by shaych_03.

In the Lime descriptive phrase

A phrase used to describe someone who is dazed or zoned out on all things Diane Neal. Example: "Do not make any sudden movements or sounds. Erin is In the Lime and you'll scare her to death!" Submitted by shaych_03.

Limer Rage noun **

The motivational anger that compels a Limer to act in defense of The Limer Goddess, herself, or in defense of other Limers...should they be threatened or belittled in any way. Example: By utilizing energy provided by a bout of Limer Rage, Erin was able to quash a rumor about Stephanie March's imminent return to SVU.

Feel free to contribute if you think of more. :)


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