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03 September 2005 @ 09:49 am
From Tysons Corner, VA  
You know, I love a hotel with a business center. Means I can update from anywhere. :D

The drive wasn't horrible but gas prices were increasing as we drove. The most expensive I've seen so far was near here at $3.69/gallon.

I think I'm going to rethink getting a used car and just stick with a bike. I will always be able to get around town on a bike, right?

But a really cool thing happened on the drive up that I have to share.

At about 2:40pm we were coming up on Manassas, VA (approx. 28 miles from the Pentagon if you go by hwy signage). Now, on long car trips, I count hawks. I have done this for a very long time. Hawks are considered good luck in many cultures so I count the number of hawks I see on a road trip and if the number is divisible by 3, then it is even luckier. We saw nine hawks on the way from Durham, NC to Tysons Corner, VA yesterday.

But the other thing we saw TRUMPS that.

Flying next to our car on I-95, right outside Manassas, was a bald eagle.


I have never...ever...ever...seen a bald eagle in my whole life. Not at a zoo or aviary, not in the wild, not ever. And to see one flying next to the car...


Now, in other news, I had a very VERY strange dream last night.

Picture this. I'm watching a new TV show called SIGHTS. It is an AU that posits post-apocalyptic break down after 9/11 and it stars the characters from SVU. Casey Novak is a judge/jury/executioner type rogue leader who goes about trying to save people and keep order and the other detectives are her personal detail. She has a high powered rifle and is not afraid to use it.


I woke up laughing.

I am such a geek.

Anyway, gotta run.

Talk to you later.


My State of Mind: amusedamused
Danielle: Felicity - Earth Angeldani_ellie on September 3rd, 2005 02:15 pm (UTC)
Flying next to our car on I-95, right outside Manassas, was a bald eagle.

That? Is too freaking cool for words.

She has a high powered rifle and is not afraid to use it.

Ooh. That's like, 17 kinds of hot.
seftiriseftiri on September 4th, 2005 08:29 pm (UTC)
Yeah, but yo, it gets cooler! One flew over the wedding just before my cousin went down the aisle!!! (It was an outdoor wedding.)

I am awash with bald eagle awe. :)

And yes, Casey with a high powered sniper rifle is 17 kinds of hot. So is having her own security detail (Liv was in charge of them, of course) and the black and dark green soldier-type outfit with a sleeveless tank top and some sort of utility vest.
Rebeccatheniwokesoftly on September 3rd, 2005 04:15 pm (UTC)
Dude! You're in Tysons?! I live in Annandale. My mom works at Tysons. I'm like 25 minutes away from you right now.
seftiriseftiri on September 4th, 2005 08:29 pm (UTC)
Awwww...man! That's TWO flisters I could have met. I'm home now but next time I'm in the area, I'll let you know. :D
Rebeccatheniwokesoftly on September 4th, 2005 08:33 pm (UTC)
Back to school this afternoon anyway. I didn't have time to see anyone, even my brother.
Shit: caseylivshitashii on September 4th, 2005 07:24 am (UTC)
Bald eagle?! That's so cool.

And ha, your dreams are awesome. Mine are never that cool.
seftiriseftiri on September 4th, 2005 08:31 pm (UTC)
It was too cool. :)

My dreams are usually more on the weird side than the cool side so this one made me laugh by its sheer novelty.