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21 May 2005 @ 05:03 am
Fangoria Fun  
When an adult woman is standing in a public department store with a copy of Fangoria in her hands, avidly searching the unfamiliar magazine for pictures of Diane Neal in Vampire III, you know there is a new addiction afoot.

My friends, the people who really know me, know this is nothing new.

They know this is just another one of my endearing qualities, my idiosyncratic way of entertaining people.

It's the strangers who are the ones who think I somehow pose a threat to their person. I have no idea why. I am not a raving lunatic. I am not brandishing some weapon or screaming at the top of my lungs about the Great Broccoli Conspiracy of '97. I have a home, clean clothing, decent appearance, and honestly, this cough is a temporary thing. I am not suffering from consumption.

I am simply talking to the magazine. Out loud but not loudly.

And it isn't as if I expected an answer. I know that magazines do not generally respond to the spoken word. I was just...commenting. I just sometimes can't restrain myself from commenting out loud.

For instance, on my way out of the store I saw a magazine with a pic of Angelina Jolie on the left and a pic of Jennifer Anniston on the right and over them, in 3 inch letters, it said "NOW IT'S WAR". Before I could stop myself, I said outloud, "Oh, please, bitch! That war is already over. Who do you think the average person is gonna enlist to? Angelina of course! She could crook her little finger and half of this country would follow her anywhere."

Needless to say, my random celebrity-political commentary was met with blinks and stares...by all but the geeky kid ringing people up. He just smiled at me.

Geeks unite!

Anyway, I've gone out of town to visit my best friend and my Internet access should be limited...except I unplugged a phone and jacked in on dialup just to get my latest Casey Crack Fix. ;)

Thanks all you Casey/Diane fans for helping me out!


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