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03 October 2005 @ 03:11 pm
Review, "Flaw", 9/28/05, xover mothership continuation of SVU's "Design"  
I promised this before Tuesday and voila! Here it is!

These deadline things are really working for me. Hmmmm...

Summary of Episode:

In a continuation of SVU's episode, "Design", Ed and...and...that mafioso cop, what is his name again?...anyway, they find a dead guy in an empty office, shot to the chest, holding a cell phone. He was trying to call someone so Ed decides to find out who. Ring, Ring. "This is Benson." Well, well, well. A vic trying to call SVU detective, Olivia Benson. What are the odds? This turns out to all be connected to a pair of con-artists known as Wonder Woman and Lip Girl. Aka, Lorraine Dillon and April Troost. In a series of scenes that should have been called "The Women Who Cry Wolf", Lorraine attempts to convince a jury that she killed the man because he "abused my baby girl." Awwwwwww. cough-bullshit-cough.

DiNovia's Content Commentary:

Liv...and Fin? These are the two you sling at Ed, Anita, and whatshisname? Liv, I get. But Fin? What was that? Three lines? Was that really worth the cost of the gas to transport his ass over to that location?

Talk about April "Tilt-A-Whirl" Troost, the perp from hell. Okay, is she or isn't she a victim? Who's in the power seat? Was she really considering staying with the Ashram or was she just using them too? Look, wouldn't it just be easier to pull an Abbie? Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out? My head hurts.

So the research guru in "Design" with the idea for reducing frozen cadavers to their basic elements to streamline and detoxify funereal processes and the discovery of frozen bodies in Peter's storage shed were? Right. Red herrings. I wasn't aware this xover was based on Clue. Except there is a Mr. Green. In the office. With a cell phone.

I liked the concept of beating April at her own game. I just wish it had been done with more pizazz!

And Jack, you sneaky scumbag, you knew the case was tanked. And you threw Borgia to the wolves. You don't like her much, do you? LOL

DiNovia's Other Commentary:

Limers, did you see that Casey was there in spirit?? Borgia wore lime green TWICE, including a lime green, white, and pink striped shirt with a vulgar pepto bismol pink skirt! Our Casey was there in spirit!

Liv. Wear that color blue. Every.day.for.the.rest.of.your.life. Yes ma'am. That's an order. Straight Right from the top.

Did anyone else watch the 'Jack gives Liv the what for' scene and think "OMG, she looks like a teenager next to him!!"?

Liv. Funny how empty one's hands can feel without a baby in them. Shoving them in your pockets at EVERY OPPORTUNITY will solve that problem for you. I'm sure.

Who else thinks that the administrative assistant is the one who killed that white hip-hop king? Wasn't she itching to strangle him in the first scene with him? I think she did it. And I think she laughed the whole time.

::weeeeeeeeeep:: Wonder Woman in orange prison coveralls! My inner child is scarred for life!

Does anyone like the character of Alex Borgia? No, really. I'm curious. Anyone? Anyone? Beuller? Cuz I despise her with a passion I think is shared by the most vitriolic of The Great Unwashed and that disturbs me. I was just wondering if I was alone in my black-hearted loathing of the character or if there were others who despise her. Or if there are people who like her. Because I would like to know, seriously, why. What makes her a sympathetic character to you? I really am curious, not trying to bash.

I.miss.Lennie.Briscoe. That is all.

ETA: M.E. Rodgers' hair was freakin' hot! In a third season Olivia Benson kind of way. Yes, please! More of that!

DiNovia's Rating:



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purplekudzu on October 4th, 2005 03:34 pm (UTC)
Re: Color schemes
Haha, green has always been my favorite, but I actually used to really dislike lime green. It has certainly grown on me, though! :)