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First of all, I think I need to clarify something from my review of "911".

Not because anyone has said anything to me about it or anything and not because I have changed my mind about the overall issues I had with the writing of the episode.

However, that being said, I would like to clarify that I thought that Ms. Hargitay's acting was wonderful throughout what must have been a very difficult episode to film, both emotionally and technically. The emotional rollercoaster is never easy to navigate, but particularly when there has to be a consistent urgency to it as well. And when you are filming over a period of a week something that is supposed to take place in two real-time hours.

Technically speaking, any number of people could have been reading the little girl's lines to Ms. Hargitay as those were probably voiced over in the foley studio. Which, to me, makes Ms. Hargitay's performance all that much more amazing.

And yet, I still do have problems with the episode. The plot/script left so much to be desired while the hype ruined what could have been a terrific episode. Hype is rarely a friend to the final product.

Also, I believe that Mariska does deserve an Emmy award for her cumulative work as Olivia Benson. Benson has affected so many people in so many wonderful ways. So much so that Ms. Hargitay has taken it upon herself to create A Joyful Heart in order to provide support to victims of sexual assault and rape. Olivia Benson gives hope, closure, and a sense of vindication and justice to many actual victims, myself included, who either were traumatized further by their own experiences with law enforcement and trial or who never received justice because they either didn't report the crime, the perpetrator was never caught, or no one believed them. In fact, the entire cast deserves them because they, as a unit, have given support to untold thousands of rape and abuse victims just by showing up to work every day and treating these scripts with genuine care.

Anyway...I just felt I had to clarify...all of that...for some reason.

Other random observations:

No matter where you go in the corporate world or who you work for there, it's always going to be the same corporate bullshit. Don't be fooled by the first three months. That's the honeymoon period and everything will be roses and rainbows no matter what happens. But You'll get hit with the anvil of reality soon enough. Sucks to be you when it happens. And for me, today was one of those days.

The only way to close the non-existent door to my barely-there cubicle is to turn my headphones up loud and ignore you all when you walk by. Here's a hint. If I am listening to Evanescence, Linkin Park, Garbage, or Disturbed at ear-bleeding levels, DO.NOT.TRY.TO.CONVERSE.WITH.ME. My "door" is "closed" and I am Kthx.

A parking spot miracle is still a miracle, even if it is rather mundane. Thanking God for it is not weird. Thanking God for it out loud while rushing into the building, thereby frightening the "sheep", is the weird part.

And one question. This has been bothering me for about a week or so now.

Why is it called "menopause"? I mean, it's not going to restart. It's pretty much done with. Why isn't it called "menoend" or "menostop"? ::looks up etymology of 'menopause':: real help there either. Hmmmm...


One last observation.

DiNovia has too much time on her hands.



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