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26 May 2005 @ 12:37 pm
I'll Rise but I Refuse to Shine...  
Ah. Morning.

Okay. You're right. This is not technically morning. This is technically Almost Noon. But I went to bed at 5:00am because of my incredibly demanding new obsession: Casey Novak. Which means whenever I drag my ass out of bed after that is morning to me.

I don't know what woke me this morning. It certainly wasn't the Refreshing Feeling of Rejuvenation one gets after a good night's sleep. I think it was some strange outside force...called the sun.

So now I am drinking the Elixir of the Holy Bean (with Organic Half&Half) and having sourdough Toast of Buttery Goodness and Breakstone's Cottage Cheese of the Gods for breakfast (and for those of you who are about to point out that it is Almost Noon and therefore this is not breakfast, may the God of Laser Copiers strike you down with the Misfeed of Doom).

Side Note: For some people, toast is a canvas upon which one can artistically arrange things like jam, jelly, honey, cheese and other sundry items. Not. For. Me. For me, toast is merely a convenient vehicle for the transport of melted butter into my mouth. It is toast's only purpose except when it is used as the first meal after an illness, usually accompanied by hot tea with lemon. But that's another discussion. ;)

Ahhhh...Holy Bean. Thou art pungent in thy greatness and thou goest wonderfully with almost any meal. Thou canst be partaken of at any time of any day and whilst there are those worshippers who prefer thy holiness "black" or "cream and three sugars", they art misled. True believers prefer thy holiness with only the Cream of Temperance, as is the Way. Holy Bean, may thy holiness bless us Forever and Ever.

God am I tired.

But, on the good side, I am closer to finishing "20/20", the sequel to my "The Eyes Have It" C/O story. It is going to be HOT. But you'll just have to wait for it. ;)

So I have no idea what else to talk about. I am still not awake enough for this.


I guess I should get ready to go to work. Ew. Don't wanna. Wanna work on 20/20. Sigh...

But only two more days of work until I am off for at least 8 weeks. I guess I'll suck it up.


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