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18 October 2005 @ 12:33 am
Some New C/O! :)  
So, apparently Tanked Muse can be manipulated by outside forces. If, for instance, you were to say "Here are four randomly chosen words. Please craft for me a C/O-Yay story that uses all of these," she will be compelled to do so.

piekid did just that while on a long trip this past weekend and now we are going to make it a regularly monthly occurance.

We actually started with this one, which wasn't one of the 4word fics but rather just a fic to send her off on her trip with a smile.

Title: The Question
Author: DiNovia
Rating: PG-13
Franchise: SVU
Pairing: Casey/Olivia
Spoilers: none
Thanks: To piekid, for sparking Tanked Muse's interest!


It was not unusual for Casey Novak to stare at Olivia Benson at completely inappropriate or inopportune times. For the most part, however, those times were easily dismissable due to location or easily explained due to context. For instance, staring at a detective giving testimony in a rape case is not alltogether unusual if you are the ADA prosecuting said case. Even if you are staring at the detective while she is being cross-examined by the defense attorney and even if you are not contemplating the ramifications of her responses so much as you are daydreaming about how soft and sweet her lips must taste when they are being kissed.

Right now, though, Casey Novak's staring could not be easily dismissed or explained away. Even if she did blame the three oh-so-innocent males probably standing on the other side of the locker room door, snickering at her predicament.

It had been a valid question: "Hi guys! Have you seen Olivia? I need to ask her a question about the Levinthal case."

A contrived reason to see the detective, certainly, but how could the male detectives of the 16th have known that? Casey had worked long and hard to come up with an actual question that needed answering, true. But surely the guys wouldn't suspect that. Would they?

"She's in the locker room, Counselor," answered Fin, seemingly non-chalant.

When Casey began to make noises about waiting until she returned to the squad room, Elliot had chimed in.

"Oh, you can go in, Case. She's probably just changing her shirt or something."

He, too, had looked unconcerned. Something she thought now might have been studied indifference.

Olivia was not "changing her shirt or something."

She was making use of the locker room's shower.

The shower that had no curtain or door. The shower that Casey had always assumed was just a dinosaur, an unusable relic from the squad's previous incarnation.

Steam wreathed around Olivia's achingly gorgeous naked body as she rinsed it clean of soap. The detective tilted her head back under the spray one last time before turning to shut the water off. Then she grabbed a towel and began to methodically dry every inch of her tanned skin.

Casey Novak was frozen. Rooted to the spot and dumb with shock and lust.

An urgent litany repeated over and over inside her head. Turn around and leave before she sees you. Turn around and leave before she sees you. Turn around and leave...

Her body steadfastly ignored that litany and instead focused on another of its own making. Oh my God, she's fucking gorgeous! Oh my God, she's fucking gorgeous! Oh my God...

She watched as Olivia finished drying off. She watched as Olivia wrapped herself in a skimpy towl. She watched--completely immobile--as Olivia, unsurprised and seemingly unconcerned, turned and walked straight toward her.

"Well," she said, one eyebrow arching elegantly above one beautiful, coffee-colored eye. "That answers that question." She ran her fingers through her dark, wet hair and Casey almost groaned at the sight. Instead, she licked her lips.

"What question would that be?" she asked unsteadily, desperate to keep her eyes from roaming all over Olivia's scantily clad body.

Olivia leaned in closer to the younger woman, the heat from her wet body nearly immolating Casey on the spot.

"Is Casey Novak as attracted to me as I am to her?" she breathed.

A set up. The whole thing had been a set up, just as she'd suspected when she first walked through the door. Except that this set up was orchestrated by Olivia herself.

Casey smirked.

With lightning speed and a sure grip, she cupped Olivia's face in her hands and proceeded to kiss the older woman senseless.

When she pulled back, she said, "I'm prepared to explain my answer further, but I'm afraid I will need a bed, several candles, a jar of very high quality chocolate sauce, approximately two fluid ounces of creme de menthe, and your naked and undivided attention to do so. Can you accomodate me, Detective?" She arched an eyebrow of her own to punctuate the question.

Olivia Benson had never gotten dressed so fast in her entire life.


After that one, piekid and I got to work on the 4word fics (our little name for this game).

She sent me these four words: river, lift, buckle, message.

I wrote this in response.

Title: A Simple Message
Author: DiNovia
Rating: PG
Franchise: SVU
Pairing: Casey/Olivia
Spoilers: none
Thanks: To piekid, for sparking Tanked Muse's interest!


When Olivia Benson got the message that Casey Novak needed her help and would she please stop by her apartment sometime Saturday afternoon, the detective did not expect to be moving furniture around.

An investigation, maybe. Some problems with her upcoming testimony in the Gregson case, probably. Concerns about a rude neighbor, if she stretched her imagination. But re-arranging furniture??

It never occurred to her.

"Lift your end a little higher, Liv, and we'll pull the bed over to this corner."

Olivia ignored the river of sweat already pouring off her face and heaved her weight against the underside of the sleigh bed, lifting it another three inches. Together they dragged the mahogany-framed monstrosity into the corner opposite Casey's teeny weeny bedroom window. That looked out on...another building.

God only knows why she wants to sleep facing that view, thought the detective.

Casey stood, assessed the arrangement, brushed the dust off her hands and declared the room "finished". Much to Olivia's relief.

The older woman collapsed on the edge of the freshly moved bed and groaned with exhaustion.

"Oh, poor Liv," clucked the attorney as she crawled across her bed from the other side and proceded to begin kneading Liv's tortured shoulders.

"'Oh, poor Liv' is right! I should never have answered that message! Tell me why I'm here at your apartment moving furniture again?"

The redhead leaned forward until her lips were right next to Olivia's ear.

"Because," she breathed, "it was the only way I could think of to get you into my bedroom." When Olivia looked up at her with mixture of hope, shock, and lust painted in her russet eyes, Casey winked. "Without going all caveman on you, that is."

"You...want me here? For reasons...other than...moving furniture?"

Olivia's shy hesitance reduced Casey's insides to a puddle of affectionate goo.

"I have for a very long time."

The detective scowled even though her heart soared at the declaration.

"And I still had to move furniture anyway?"

Casey grinned and pushed Olivia back onto her bed. "I wanted to tire you out, Detective," she said, biting her bottom lip sexily. She reached for the belt buckle at Olivia's waist. "In case you had any ideas about leaving."

"Oh, you can relax, Counselor," said Olivia as she pulled Casey in for a deep, searching, electrifying kiss. When they parted, she whispered, "I'm not going anywhere any time soon."


Obviously, length was not a primary concern. Only that the four words provided be utilized somehow in the story. And that the story follow general convention: a beginning, middle, and end.

The next set of words were thick, fever, linked, tattered.

Here was Tanked Muse's take on those.

Title: Who Outranks a Captain?
Author: DiNovia
Rating: PG
Franchise: SVU
Pairing: Casey/Olivia
Spoilers: none
Thanks: To piekid, for sparking Tanked Muse's interest!



"Don' say id, Elliod. I'b fide."

The two NYPD detectives trudged through the motor pool toward the station house. Gray, dismal clouds hung in the sky, as thick as thieves. It had only just stopped raining.

"Like Hell you are! You look like shit, Olivia. And you practically coughed up a lung in the car on the way back here. Does your--"

Before Elliot could finish his question, Olivia began to sneeze uncontrollably. He handed her a tattered Kleenex.

"Danks," said the brunette once she was able to control herself. "An' before you go back do lexuring me, I'b fide. Jus' drop id."

Elliot held the door for his partner and once inside, they climbed the stairs to their squad room. Elliot shrugged. "Okay. Whatever you want, Liv. But, for the record, I tried."

Olivia rolled her eyes. Then promptly started coughing.

"Jesus, Liv," said Fin as he passed her on the way to the "perp board". "You should see someone about that. You alright?"

She waved him off and headed to her desk for another Kleenex. And a cough drop.

"At the rate you're going, Benson," chimed in Munch, "you should probably just skip the doctor and go straight to the mortician. That's a nasty cough you've got there, my friend."

Olivia was about to respond when Cragen appeared. "Alright, people, that's enough. We've got work to do." He turned to Olivia and Elliot. "What do you think? Is your vic linked to these other murders?"

"Yeah, it's another one," responded Elliot. "White John Doe, no ID, hustler by the looks of him, early 20s, pants down around his ankles, and a twenty in his mouth."

"And no obvious signs of trauma?"

Elliot nodded.

"Warder 'as 'im dow, Capd'n," added Olivia. "She said she'd call whed she dew bore."

"Okay. Elliot, you and Liv start going through the system. Look for other murders that have the same MO. Start here and work your way out to the other buroughs. Fin, you and John go see what the word is on the street. Start with Sister Peg. She'll know where these hustlers hang out and maybe she'll have heard about our killer john. And don't forget the ladies or the dealers, guys. Prostitutes are probably where our guy started out and we all know that hustlers and dealers go together like peas and carrots. Okay, get to work."

Cragen started back to his office but Olivia stopped him.

"I jus' wanded do say 'danks', Capd'n," she said. She smelled vaguely of eucalyptus and cherries. "You're de odly persod who hasn'd lexured be today."

Cragen gave his detective a tight smile. "Oh Olivia, I don't have to lecture you about this. See, I have power. And a telephone. I'll leave the lecturing to someone who outranks me."

Olivia's reddened eyes widened perceptibly.

"You didn'd."

"Oh yes. Yes, I did. You'll be wise to remember this the next time you try to come into work with walking pneumonia."

Before she could respond, a very familiar, very annoyed-sounding voice rang out behind her.

"Olivia Justine Benson! What in the fucking Hell do you think you're doing here?"

Olivia's eyes narrowed at Cragen. "Danks a lod, Capd'n," she said morosely.

He threw up his hands. "Hey, you married her. I just call her when I need her."

Casey Benson-Novak stalked over to her wife and immediately put the back of her hand up to the older woman's forehead. "Liv, you have a friggin' fever! What are you doing out of bed?"

"By job?"

Casey crossed her arms over her chest and rolled her eyes. "So that's why Cragen called me down here? To see what a good job you were doing? Right." She slipped her hand inside of one of Olivia's. "Come on, I'm taking you home and putting you back to bed. Christ, are all you cops this stubborn?"

She had meant it to be a rhetorical question but the four men in the room glanced at one another and then nodded.

Casey shook her head.

"I'll keep that in mind the next time this one says 'I'll be fine, don't worry.' Or more accurately, "I'll be fide, don' worry.'" She tugged Olivia's hand and pulled her through the door to the squad room. Before the door closed behind them, the guys heard her say, "I'll make your favorite tea when we get home, okay, honey? God, you're burning up! Liv, you scare me when you go all butch on me like this. I love you, sweetie, and you..."

The guys were quiet for another few seconds. Then Munch broke the silence.

"I don't know about you, but none of my ex-wives would have come into the squad to drag my ass home if I was sick. All they cared about was my paycheck."

"Naw, man," agreed Fin. "Mine never knew where I was anyway with me bein' undercover all the damn time."

"Kathy worries. Even lectures me if she thinks I'm being stubborn like that. But she'd never come here to pick me up. Unless I was dead or dying." Elliot ran a hand through his thinning hair.

"Marge might have when she was alive. But I've never quite been that sick before," said Cragen.

They were all silent again as they contemplated Liv's predicament.

"You know what?" said Fin finally. "Benson is one lucky bitch! How'd she get the best wife in Manhattan anyway?"

No one had an answer for him.


Now this following one took a little longer to finish. Tanked Muse had a field day with the following words:

glisten, vacant, gourmet, written.

Her response?

Title: Busted!
Author: DiNovia
Rating: R
Franchise: SVU
Pairing: Casey/Olivia
Spoilers: none
Thanks: To piekid, for sparking Tanked Muse's interest!


Happening at the same time, but across town from each other:

At the squad:					        At One HP:

"Ready for your big date, Liv?"				"Ready for your big date, Ms. Novak?"

Olivia barely kept from rolling her eyes at Elliot.	Casey barely kept from rolling her eyes at Munch.

"Elliot, I told you--"					"John, I told you--"

"Yeah, yeah.  You're seeing someone.  I know.		"You're seeing someone, allegedly.  I know.
But it can't be all that serious.  Come on.  No		But it's obviously not a serious relationship.                       
flowers, no shy calls on your cell, no rushing		Where are the flowers, the theatre tickets, the 
off to dates?  Not very serious if you ask me."		dinner dates at Spago? Not very serious if you ask 

"Elliot--"						"John--"

"It's one date, Liv.  One date.  A nice meal.		"It's one evening out, Counselor.  One.  A gourmet   
A show.  Maybe dancing?  What's not to like?"		meal.  Dancing.  Tickets to a show.  What's not to                       

Olivia sighed.  "Yeah, okay, fine.  I'll be there."	Casey sighed.  "Alright, John.  I'll be there."

Elliot smiled.  "Good.  Reservations are at six." 	John smiled.  "Excellent.  Your reservations are at 

"How will I know who it is?"				"How will I know him?"

"Well, you'll recognize him.  You've actually seen	"Oh, you'll recognize him once you see him.  You 
each other around.  He...um...runs in our circle	two have actually crossed paths a time or two 
of influence, so to speak."				before.  Same general occupational activities."

"Fine.  Okay.  But I just want you to know, I'm		"Okay, fine.  Terrific.  But John, I'm only doing   
only doing this for you, Elliot.  Don't expect too	this for you.  Because you asked nicely.  Don't 
much, okay?  If I don't like him, I'm gone."		expect too much.  It already worries me that he's a 
                                                        friend of yours."

"Oh, don't worry about that.  You two will hit		"I'm not worried, Ms. Novak.  In fact, I'm so sure 
it off, I'm sure of it."  				you two will hit it off, I'm willing to put my 
                                                        money where my mouth is."

"Get out of here, Elliot."  Olivia shook her head.	"Goodbye, John.  Go home.  Or somewhere else."  
                                                        Casey shook her head.

Once Elliot had departed, the brunette detective	Once John had taken his leave, the redheaded 
covered her face with her hands.			attorney covered her face with her hands.

How am I ever going to explain this to Casey?	        How am I ever going to explain this to 

Two hours later, Liv walked into Barbaluc Ristorante on East 65th and gave her name to the young lady at the bar as she'd been instructed to do. She was dressed to the nines in a short red dress with a scattering of sequins and spaghetti straps. She'd thought about not dressing up particularly but dinner at Barbaluc followed by a show? The meal itself required some sort of homage. Besides, it didn't mean anything. The guy had about as much chance of getting into her panties as Osama bin Laden had of being elected President of the United States. In short, it just wasn't going to happen.

The blonde at the bar gave Liv an appreciative once over and then had a waiter escort her downstairs to an intimate little table in the corner by a wine rack filled with dark, gleaming bottles of wine. Once he'd seated her, he scurried off to get her a menu. Olivia was polite but a little annoyed. Her table did not give her any sort of view of the stairwell so she would have virtually no warning when her "date" arrived. She sighed and took a sip of the water placed by her place setting.

I'm definitely going to need something stronger than water, she thought. A quick perusal of the wine list, though, just about killed her with its price list. She settled on a $9 glass of merlot and prayed for her soul. Surely there was something sinful about agreeing to this "date" when she was already taken. Not so much in a cheating-on-her-partner way, because she just wouldn't ever entertain that type of thought. Rather she thought it sinful for a stranger to spend all this money on her when she was never going to remember his name, let alone look at him twice.

Why am I here? Oh, right. Because I'm too much of a freakin' pansy to come out to my friends, who are the only family I have left. And because Elliot can be so damned persuasive sometimes. Bastard.


At 6:15pm on the dot, Casey Novak entered Barbaluc Ristorante on East 65th and gave her name to the young lady at the bar as she'd been instructed to do. She had originally thought to come dressed in what she'd worn to work, using a last-minute meeting as an excuse, but when she'd remembered what she'd heard about this place, she'd decided to go home and do it up right. Even if she'd have preferred to be wearing this particular dress for Olivia instead of some weirdo conspiracy theorist friend of John's.

She ran her hands down the front of the clover mini-dress, smoothing the skin-tight fabric over her belly. It was new and she had worn it for Olivia once. It had very quickly ended up on the floor next to Olivia's bed, which is where she hoped it would be ending up later tonight. After she'd had dinner with John's little geek and then claimed illness to get out of the show. With any luck, she would be at Olivia's by 8:30pm and naked by 8:32pm. That would be the perfect ending to this less than perfect evening.

She followed the waiter down the stairwell. God, why am I here? Oh yeah. Because John asked me and God help me, there's just something about him that makes me want to mother him. He's like that friggin' strange older brother I never had. Bastard.

The waiter showed Casey to a table back in the corner where she promptly looked down at its occupant with eyes made vacant by shock, confusion, and fear.

"Ma'am," he said, arresting Olivia's attention. "Your 'date' has arrived."

Olivia practically shot out of her chair. "Oh my God," she said, terror in her eyes. "Casey, what are you doing here?"

Casey blinked twice and then burst out laughing. Olivia just stared at her.

When she'd finished, she nodded to the waiter, accepting his assistance with her chair. Slowly, Olivia reclaimed her own.

Casey continued to laugh, though now more quietly.

"What's so funny?" demanded the detective as she replaced her napkin across her lap. "And what are you doing here?"

Casey shook her head. "What are you doing here?"

In unison they said to one another, "I'm on a blind date. As a favor..."

"A favor to Elliot?" asked Casey. Olivia nodded...and suddenly started to catch on.

"And you're here as a favor to...Munch?" she guessed.

The waiter returned with a menu for Casey and a pair of envelopes. "Ladies," he said. "I've been instructed to give you these. Detective Benson?"

Olivia's mouth twisted into a scowl as she accepted her envelope.

"Then Ms. Novak, this one is for you." He handed the other one to Casey. "I shall return momentarily with your wine."

Too interested in the possible contents of their envelopes, neither Casey nor Olivia realized that they hadn't ordered any wine.

Olivia tore into hers and began reading her note, written in the hasty scrawl of her partner, Elliot Stabler:


Cat's out of the bag now, huh? Why didn't you just tell us you were seeing Casey? Did you think it would be that much of a surprise? Or worse, did you think we'd hate you? Olivia, get over yourself, okay? No one who loves you would ever be able to hate you for being able to find happiness in this life.

We're your family. Me, Kathy and the kids. Cragen. Fin. Munch. Warner. Huang. Family, Olivia. We love you. And we love Casey.

So no more hiding out, okay? Okay.

Also, the show part of the evening was a lie. There's no show. However, a car will pick you up after dinner and take you two wherever you want to go.

Treat yourselves, okay?

Dinner, though, is on us.


PS: And before you start obsessing over how we found out, we're detectives, okay? Just leave it at that.


Casey gently opened her envelope and found a letter written in the elegant hand of a complete lunatic, John Munch:

Ms. Novak,

Keep an eye on your partner in crime there and make sure her eyes don't fall out of her head. My guess is that she's going to be the more surprised of the two of you over this little turn of events.

Though we have no direct evidence, as it were, we at the 16th suspect it was at Olivia's insistence that the two of you kept your relationship a secret. It wouldn't be the first time she's been reticent to share something with us and it won't be the last. This particular thing, though, did not require subterfuge on your parts.

In addition to its value as entertainment for bored single white male detectives--a party of one, I believe--the sharing of this knowledge is important for both of you. We're all a sort of odd family at the 16th and we like to be there for each other, in the good times and the bad. Relax. I'm not about to break out into song. We were just feeling a bit left out of things, is all.

As you might have guessed, the show portion of this evening's itinerary was a ruse. However, there will be a car available to take you and Olivia anywhere you'd like to go after dinner. Dinner is, of course, on us. The least we can do for perpetrating this elaborate scheme. My God. For the first time in my life I was a part of the conspiracy, not its whistleblower. I might be ruined for life. You'll have to find a way to make it up to me.



PS: If she really must know how we found out, tell her that one of your confidants--formerly of One HP and a little more knowledgable than most in sapphist affairs--is a bit talkative after four sour apple martinis. Especially when they are procured for her by a lovely brunette with long, silky hair, big, brown eyes, a wicked smile, and who owes me a favor. Though I suspect she got the better end of this deal as she is now dating the lovely Ms. Southerlyn. Didn't know she was a plant, did you? I'm good.


Without a word, the two women exchanged letters and read each others'. Casey got two paragraphs in to Elliot's note before reaching out for one of Olivia's hands, holding it tightly in her own.

"Is that how you felt?" she asked, her voice a mixture of incredulity and sadness. "Did you think you would lose them for being with me?"

Olivia looked up from John's letter. "I...I didn't...It seemed...like a possibility. I've been in the closet so long and I've made a lot of mistakes. With Mom gone and... Then there was you. I couldn't risk losing you, Casey."

"Losing me? How?"

Olivia averted her eyes. "Your job, your image with the public. Coming out could have put those at risk and I didn't want to lose you because of some selfish need to tell my friends that I've finally fallen in love."

"Olivia Benson," said Casey thickly, her grip on the older woman's hand tightening almost painfully. "My job is an important one and I love it. I believe in it. The public image is an unfortunate side effect of prosecuting in this city but I deal with it. However--all that being said--I wouldn't give a good goddamn about my job or its public image if either somehow required me to deny you in my life." She leaned across the table, her eyes a little watery. "I would be happier waiting tables if it meant I could hold your hand in public or kiss you on the sidewalk outside the precinct." Suddenly something that Olivia had said hit the young woman with the force of an errant lightning strike. "Wait a minute. Wait. Did you just say...that...you've fallen...in love? With me?"

Olivia smiled shyly. "Um, yes. I think I did." She made a show of going over the last bit of conversation in her head. "Yeah. I did."

Before Liv quite knew what was happening, Casey was kissing her senseless. When the young redhead finally pulled away, she whispered, "Oh God, Liv, I love you, too." Then she smiled and wiped a little of her lipstick from the corner of her lover's mouth. "And you can tell anyone you want to, okay?"

Olivia laughed. "Why don't we start with the other diners here?" she asked, raising her eyebrow. "Or would that be redundant?"


Three hours later, after an amazing meal, a bottle of excellent wine and two sinful--and practically sinfully shared--desserts, Olivia held the door to the limo the guys had provided for their post-dinner transportation. Casey relaxed into the leather upholstery while she waited for Olivia to finish talking to the driver. Once the detective was safely in the car, Casey slid closer to her, practically ending up in her lap.

"Mmm, Liv. That restaurant is now my favorite in the city."

"Oh, is it?" asked the older woman as she wound her arms around the young woman and pulled her close. "Then you'd like to go again sometime?"

"Yes, I would. I'll start a savings account tomorrow."

Olivia laughed. "Well, I have some money tucked away for emergencies. We can always use that."

"Liv, there is no such thing as a 'fine dining emergency'," she scolded gently.


"No." Casey shook her head and her red tresses danced around her smiling features.

"Then we'll just have to call it something else." Olivia reached up and pressed her lips to Casey's. Their kiss, at first gentle and sweet, soon spiralled out of control into an inferno embrace that left both of them breathless when it ended.

As she pulled back, Casey glanced out the window. Not recognizing the route to either her own or to Olivia's apartment, she cocked her head to the left in confusion.

"Olivia, where are we going?"

"I'm taking Elliot's advice. We're getting away for the weekend." Olivia grinned like a scheming cat.

"Getting away? From where? To where?" Casey's flame-green eyes darted back and forth between the window of the limo and Olivia's gorgeous leaf-brown eyes. "We don't have any... Liv, what are we going to wear??" She looked down at the mini-dress that seemed to be inching up her thighs with every breath. Not that she minded.

Olivia waggled her eyebrows. "The most I want you to be wearing tonight, Counselor, is a smile and maybe the last sip from a bottle of good champagne," she whispered, her voice dark and sexy. Casey groaned as electric arousal rocketed through her body. She tried to ignore it before it stole all her reason.

"But what about tomorrow? And Sunday? Surely you're not proposing we spend all weekend naked...in..." That particular line of thought suddenly seemed very, very interesting. "On second thought, who cares what we wear?"

Laughing, Olivia leaned closer to her young lover. "It's all been taken care of, Casey. I'm not without resources, you know." She held up her cell phone. "Why do you think it took me so long in the bathroom at the restaurant?"


And it had been. Rather well and fully taken care of.

Two suitcases sat at the foot of the luxurious bed in their room at 60 Thompson, one of the city's most intimate and sought after hotels. In addition to a chilling bottle of champagne and a plate arranged with a delicate offering of fresh fruit and decadent chocolates, two fluffy cotton robes had also been provided. And Casey's favorite music to make love by was playing on the room's sound system.

"Oh, you're good, Detective," purred Casey when Olivia finished tipping the bellboy. "Very, very good." She took the slightly shorter woman in her arms and began to sway with her to the slow, dark music thrumming gently through the room.

"And I haven't even gotten you naked yet. Wow."

"Yeah, what's up with that, anyway? You've seen this dress before. Hell, you had me out of it in record time the last time I wore it, if I recall correctly. I thought it'd be on the floor by now." She ran her hands down Liv's back and cupped the older woman's unbelievably delectable bottom.

Olivia leaned forward and slowly began to nibble her way from Casey's pounding pulse point to the sweet lobe of her ear. "Maybe I want our first time tonight be be slow and seductive, Counselor," she breathed. "Maybe I want slide that gorgeous dress off of you and lick every inch of your body as I expose it, hmmm?"

"Now there's an idea. I like it." Casey tipped her head backwards, letting Liv paint her throat with hot liquid kisses.

"Yeah? Good." Olivia grasped the hem of Casey's dress and began to inch it upward, sliding her hands beneath the stretchy knit fabric and splaying her fingers on the curvy expanse of skin she found. The curvy, practically bare expanse of skin. "Oh...my..." Olivia's eyes fluttered shut. "Are those...?"

"The purple v-string panties that I bought to wear that night you made me dinner at your place? Those would be they, yes."

Olivia's confusion was immediate. "So you wore this dress and those panties...for a blind date set up for you by Munch? What exactly were you hoping for this evening, Ms. Novak? A one-night-stand with a conspiracy theorist geek?"

"Absolutely not, Detective Benson! The geek was going to get my sparkling dinnertime conversation and the bill for my meal. Just before I claimed to have a migraine." Casey leaned in to capture Liv's mouth in a teasing kiss. "Then I was going to hop in the nearest cab and tell the driver to ignore all signals to get me to your place...where I hoped you'd do exactly what you're doing right now."

"Interrogate you about Munch with my hands on your ass?"

Casey laughed. "Well, okay. Maybe not exactly."

"I didn't think so." Liv hiked the hem of Casey's dress a little higher, pulled her hips in a little closer. She found the young attorney's kiss-swollen lips and plundered them with hot, deep, searching kisses while her heart beat like a drum in her chest. God, she loved this woman.

Casey felt like the wine had shot straight to her head all over again. As her tongue danced and twined with Olivia's, her hands slid under the hem of the detective's dress, pulling the older woman closer while she ground her hips into her.

"Oh, fuck it." Olivia grabbed the hem of Casey's dress and pulled it straight up over the ADA's head, tossing it to the side without another thought. Casey blinked, surprised.

"So much for slow," she commented.

Blind with need, Olivia growled, "Shoes." She kicked her own off and made short work of her own dress, unhooking the catch at the back and shimmying out of it, letting it drop to the floor. Casey had barely managed to get out of her strappy heels when Liv tumbled her into the wide, soft bed.

"Oh God, Olivia... Yessss...."


Two hours later, Casey Novak and Olivia Benson were tangled up in one another and feeding each other morsels from the plate of fruit and chocolate they'd found when they'd arrived.

"Here, Liv, hon," said Casey, holding a champagne flute to her lover's mouth and helping her to sip from it. She dove in for a sweet, effervescent kiss immediately after and ignored the brunette's knowing look when she pulled away. "What? I thought you looked thirsty!"

"Yeah. Uh huh. And when I took half of that strawberry from your mouth a little while ago, I thought you looked hungry."

Casey blushed. "Well then, I guess turnabout is fair play." When she didn't get a snarky response, she looked down at her lover. And found Olivia gazing at her with glistening eyes.

"What?" She contemplated wiping her face or checking her teeth. "Olivia?"

The detective reached up and cupped the younger woman's face in her hand.

"You make me feel so lucky, Casey. Lucky and loved."

"Oh, Liv..." The redhead rested her forehead against her lover's and entwined their fingers. "I feel lucky, too. Lucky to be loved by you."

"I'm sorry I didn't tell--" Casey cut off Olivia's apology with an earnestly sweet kiss.

"There's nothing to be sorry for, Olivia Benson. Except for the fact that you believed your friends could or would ever hate you...for whatever reason. It's just not possible."

Olivia frowned. "I don't know, Case. I think it's poss--"

Casey pressed two long fingers over her lover's mouth. "Say 'thank you', Liv. Then shut up and make love to me again. I need to feel you inside me. Right now."

If there was one thing Olivia Benson was good at, it was obeying orders.

"Thank you," she said, leaning in for a deep, languid kiss. She rolled with Casey until the young woman was beneath her, her beautiful face partially lit by moonlight streaming in through the big picture window overlooking the street below. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you..."


And so ends the 4word fic offerings. However, piekid was having a bad day today and shaych_03 had emailed me a plot-thought this morning before my doctor's appointment.

So here is this mini-fic, written to cheer someone up.

Title: Mood Therapy
Author: DiNovia
Rating: PG
Franchise: SVU
Pairing: Casey/Olivia
Spoilers: none
Thanks: To piekid, for sparking Tanked Muse's interest! And to shay, for that lovely plot-thought!


Casey Novak, ADA for the Sex Crimes department of the Manhattan DA's office, was in a foul mood.

One might even call it an evil mood.

It had started that morning when her alarm had gone off and she realized it was Monday morning. Not her favorite day of the week, to be sure.

Then her hot water heater had conked out, leaving her to endure a teeth-chattering ten-minute shower.

Then her bike got a flat about 18 blocks from her office.

Then she lost a motion in the Darling case in front of Judge Larsen, had two witnesses practically evicerated by Lionel Granger in the Toscano case--in front of Petrovsky, no less--and then discovered that her brief on the Sloan case had gone missing. She was, in fact, now trying to locate it by retracing her steps from earlier in the day.

Eventually, she found herself in the squad room of the 16th, scowling to beat the band.

"What's up, Counselor?" asked Elliot Stabler when he saw her. He was on his way out of the door.

"Just looking for a file I mislaid. Going home to Kathy and the kids?"

He grinned. "Yeah. The twins are making dinner for me and I wanna be there while it's still hot. It's a slow day anyway. Well, for us at least. I hear you had a busy one."

She cringed. "Don't remind me. It's been one of those days."

He laughed. "That good, eh? Well, maybe Liv can cheer you up. She's in a crazy good mood for some reason. See you tomorrow, Counselor."

Casey waved at the fleeing detective and turned her attention to Liv. Who was standing next to her own desk, smirking and holding a manilla file.

"Looking for this, Casey?" she asked, waving the item.

"Is that the Sloan file? Have you had it all this time?"

"Well, yes and no. I found it on my desk when I was cleaning up a little while ago. So yes, I had it, but no, I didn't realize I did. I would have called, otherwise."

"Oh. Thanks." She took the offered file and jammed it into her briefcase without looking at it. Then she glanced around at the deserted squad room. "Quiet night at the 16th?"

"Yep. Probably the weather. It usually keeps people indoors and out of trouble."

Oh, the rain. You had to remind me about the fucking rain. She was still waiting for her shoes to dry out.

"Sure. The weather," she agreed, frowning.

"You're having a bad day, aren't you?" asked Olivia, a sly look in her eyes.

Casey snorted. "They didn't just give you that badge, did they? You actually worked for it. I can tell."

Olivia smiled and started to walk toward the younger attorney. She stepped inside the ADAs personal space and before Casey could ask Olivia if she could help her somehow, the detective cupped the redhead's face in her hands and pulled her into a deep, wet, mind-bending kiss. When they parted, Olivia proceeded to lean in to lick the dimple that so beautifully adorned Casey's left cheek and then she turned around, grabbed her leather jacket off the back of her chair, and headed for the door.

Just before she crossed the threshold, she turned back to the shocked and frozen attorney.

"I can promise you that your night will be better than your day, Counselor, but only if you come with me now. For starters."

Casey Novak did not blink, she did not speak, and she did not hesitate.

She had always known--from the moment they'd first met--that she'd be willing to follow Olivia into Hell. But she never, ever thought she'd have an invitation to follow her into Heaven.

Today is definitely looking up, she thought as she caught up with the sexy detective and reached for the hand that she held out to her.


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