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Gabriel Myron Gehtland is here!!

My nephew, Gabriel Myron Gehtland, was born at 2:15pm this afternoon at 6 lbs. 11 ozs. and 19 inches.

He is so freakin' cute! He looks just like my brother!

(And for those of you keeping score, yes, my last name is Hoagland and yes, his name is Gehtland. When he and Lisa got married, they opted to change their names to "Gehtland" which is a combination of her maiden name (Goetz) and Hoagland. So they legally changed their names to Gehtland. Anywhooo.)

So yes, I am an aunt again!

Zoe was very cute. I was in the room when she held Gabriel for the first time. She rested her little head on his and said "Cute baby..." The she looked into his little face and said "HI!!" Then she rested her head on his again and said "Cute baby Gabriel..."


Babies are good!!

Oh, and after my father called to say they were doing a C-section, I was head-pain free for 25 whole minutes!! That was exciting for me.

Okay, one more thing. I am watching Paula Zahn on CNN interviewing John Fund of the Wall Street Journal and Katrina Vandel Huevel of The Nation and Paula is wearing, NO LIE, the Glasses of Power and Justice!!


I have never seen her wear them before. In fact, earlier this evening she wasn't wearing them! Then suddenly the GoPaJ??

Is SM going to play her in the movie of her life or what?


Anyway....that's my entry for the evening.


Aunt Erin :D
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