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Some More Pics

So, here are some more pics I thought I'd share.

First is my mother with the newest addition, Gabriel. :)

Then is Zoe, wearing the butterfly wings I bought for her at the RenFest this year. And yeah, that's sorta me behind her, trying to get them on correctly.

And then, while at the RenFest, I had a henna tattoo done on the back of my right hand. I asked for the two things that have been my personal symbols for a long time: a bee and a slice of lime. Yes, I've been a lime fanatic for many more years than Diane has been Casey. ;) The tattoo is almost gone now but this was taken the first day it darkened.

Anyway. Thought I'd share. :)

Oh, and yes, I am fully aware that the butterfly wings are lime and purple. I did not specifically choose them for that reason. They happen to match her leotard quite nicely. Really.


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