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29 May 2005 @ 07:24 pm
Thought I'd share...LOL  
Okay, so if you read my post from last night you know I had never seen Loss before. And since I needed to take notes for my latest fic, I had my laptop up while I was watching Loss for the first time (or so I thought). Turns out I had seen the first 20 minutes but never anything past that.

I just reread my notes and it gave me a little laugh. Thought I'd share.

Yacht…"must be compensating for something in order to have a yacht that big," Alex about Zapata…so I never saw it past the point of the interrogation of Santos. Okay.

So I am up to the Zapata arrest at this point. Lemme guess? Alex comments directly to Zapata re: the size of his whing-whang? What a dipshit.


She did. I can’t believe her. She commented on his libido. She commented on a Latino man’s libido. What a fucking dipshit! She had no idea what she was doing. Stupid bitch.

Had a good laugh over that. :)



PS...I forgot how helpful coffee is to a person with ADD. I had three iced coffees between the beginning of Loss and the end of Coerced and I am focussed as hell. :)
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