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21 November 2005 @ 11:02 pm
Medium tonight...  

So...that was sorta cool and yet sorta underwhelming.

But an interesting plot! I very much enjoy the writing on Medium. It's so different than, say, the lame-ass writing we've had to endure on SVU lately.

But I'm not bitter, no. ;)

My State of Mind: blahblah
Danielle: Medium - Fractured fairy talesdani_ellie on November 22nd, 2005 04:10 am (UTC)
Twisty turny whee! :D

And dude, have I mentioned how much I love Starry Night? It's on my credit card, for crying out loud. ;)
seftiri: All Smilesseftiri on November 22nd, 2005 04:15 am (UTC)
Yes...it's a favorite of my family, too. My parents have had a print of it in our house for years and we all love the song that was written about it. :D

And yes, twisty turny and lovely! I love Medium. :) I think the little girl that plays Bridgett needs an Emmy. She is the most natural actress I've ever seen and she's never ever done anything before this show! Do you know how hard it is for a five-year-old to act five? LOL
shayshaych_03 on November 22nd, 2005 07:15 am (UTC)
starry night is one of my favs too. as is the song by don mcclean... but i also like american pie by him too LOL ... i can remember my mom playing "vincent" for me when i was a kid, along with peter paul and mary... :D