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31 May 2005 @ 07:32 pm
Waiting Rooms are Aptly Named  
So, I went to the hospital for my pre-op appointment. What an adventure in NOTHINGNESS.

First, everything was going well. I was walking to the hospital from the parking deck and I saw a woman with DN's post-Night hair. Sunset red with sunshine highlights. The same length. I almost followed the poor thing, but she was going in the opposite direction. Darn.

So I am waiting in the waiting room. I am waiting for a very long time. There are no magazines. There is no television. So I turn on the TV in my head and start thinking about teh CASEY because what else do I think about these days anyway? And I came up with a riff/dribble/possible piece to a future fic and I hunted down a piece of envelope in my purse (GOD, why do I carry this thing?) and took notes on it so I would remember to write it down.

Then the nurse comes out to get me. She mispronounces my last name and calls me "mister" assuming that my first name is male and not female. WTF? My first name is ERIN. The boy spelling of that is AARON. You have my name printed on that piece of paper. You can read, right? Sheesh.

So she gets my weight, height, temp (100.2? Huh?) and my blood pressure/pulse. My BP is high. 153/103. I mean, it's usually 115/70. My pulse is HIGHER. It's 101. WTF? So she decides to do it on the other arm. Tells me to go to my most favorite place in the whole wide world. So I do. I mentally place myself in a king-sized bed with lime green satin sheets, Liv on one side of me and Casey on the other. My BP does not change but my pulse goes down by 10. The nurse accuses me of not having a favorite place. I do not counter her.

They put me in a tiny examination room. The nurse, a flaming gay man, takes my info. I then wait for an hour and a half. There is no air. There is not a single breath of air in this room. I am mopping myself down with wet paper towels. I read two People magazines, looking for pics of Diane Neal to rip out. There are none.

They changed the date of my surgery. Now it's the 6th instead of the 2nd. Four more days to sit around wondering how it will go. Why did they have to change it? Get this. They forgot to write me in the book and they gave my spot to someone else. GRRRR.

So I am home now, getting caught up on all my Casey Crack Addiction stuff. Then I am going to write so I can get this next story out sometime this week!

Peace, Joy, and Casey-Love,


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