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Yeah...this flu has kicked my ass...

So the review is likely to be up sometime tomorrow now.

I'm so sorry, guys. Everytime I think I'm getting better, I get another in a long line of inexplicable symptoms and then I end up sleeping like the dead for 10 hours at a clip.

Yesterday's new symptom was "blindness". I'm not making this up! This flu is a bastard that maps the entire human body with super-specific ailments. On one of the early days of the flu, I had bone pain in my right arm from my elbow to my wrist. That's it. Bone pain. Elbow to wrist. Plus the whole head congestion/sore throat/fever thing.

Yesterday was blindness.

Today is the inability to exert any sort of power over my surroundings at all. I haven't felt this weak and ineffectual since after my last surgery!

I get a little more done on the review every day. You will have a review soon. I hope tomorrow.

That is, if I don't have some other catastrophic flu symptom.

Like temporary insanity or itchy toenails.

Who can tell with this damn bug?

Casey Love to you all,


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