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20/20 Part 3

Title: 20/20
Authors: DiNovia and sHaYcH
Pairing: Casey/Olivia
Rating: NC-17, language, graphic sexual content
Notes: sequel to "The Eyes Have It"
Spoilers: Escape
Disclaimers: We do not own these characters and, though they might be a bit tired after this, they have not been harmed. We have made no profit from this endeavor.
Thanks: To Shay, my co-author, who saved this story and my entire C/O obsession from oblivion. Thank you for all your help.

Casey’s head fell forward, her mouth coming to rest against the pounding at the hollow of Liv’s throat. Without thinking, she bit the place that leapt against her skin. That shard of pain cut right through Olivia Benson and sliced her to the bone. It ignited the howling inferno that swept through her body, a river of flame that flooded all the empty spaces inside of her.

Liv’s release shattered Casey Novak like plate glass and as she weathered that storm of glimmering, delightful anguish, she growled into the tender flesh of the detective’s throat.



Casey Novak stared at the ceiling above her bed. Her breathing had slowed to a manageable rate and she had finally stopped shivering with delight. Now she felt...warm.



She looked at the woman resting to her left and reached out to sift strands of sorrel silk through her fingers.

I’m in bed with Olivia Benson, she smiled to herself. Then a curious expression crossed her features. I’m in bed with Olivia Benson and I have to pee. Dammit!

Sighing, she rolled towards her lover, propping her tousled head on her hands.

“Liv?” She leaned forward and kissed the corner of the detective’s mouth.

“Mmm?” Olivia did not bother to open her eyes but her eyebrow raised in question.

“I’ll be right back, okay?”

Concern rippled across Olivia’s brows. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” said Casey as she got to her hands and knees and crawled to the edge of the bed. “I just have to visit the little lawyer’s room. Don’t go anywhere, okay?” She dropped a kiss on an olive-skinned shoulder then left the bed and headed for the bathroom.

“Can’t,” responded the older woman, a small smile tugging at her lips. “I think you melted my bones, Counselor.”

That stopped Casey dead in her tracks and she turned back toward the bed, absolutely stunned. To be given a compliment like that... By someone so utterly sexy...

Then an evil little grin stole over her features. “You ain’t seen nothing yet, Detective,” she drawled. She disappeared into the bathroom before Olivia could respond.

Casey finished her ablutions quickly and headed to the small vanity sink to wash her hands and brush her teeth. She glanced in the oval mirror as she turned off the faucet, noticing two things immediately: she still had her new glasses on and Liv liked to bite. She touched her fingers to the reddening marks along her collar bone and smiled. She liked the note of possessiveness they conveyed. Maybe too much.

Knock it off, Novak, and get back out there before she comes looking for you.

The young woman set a towel and washcloth on the edge of the sink and rummaged in one of her cabinet drawers for a toothbrush for the detective. She grinned triumphantly when she found one still in its packaging. It was purple with silver sparkles but she didn’t think that would bother Olivia. Too much.

She returned to her bedroom and stopped abruptly when she saw the vision in front of her. Olivia Benson languished in her bed, one arm spread wide while the other crossed her chest. Her eyes were closed and a terribly pleased smile gentled her mouth. The lime-colored satin top sheet was draped across her belly and one long leg went uncovered, a sexy invitation for exploration. In short, Olivia Benson was gorgeous.

Leaving the detective to rest for a moment, Casey padded into the kitchen. She pulled a small platter out of one cupboard, two wine glasses out of another, and opened her refrigerator, retrieving a bottle, a block of cheese and some fruit. As she started to make the food look presentable she could hear the rush of water in her bathroom sink. She smiled knowingly to herself and continued slicing strawberries, arranging them on the platter as she worked.


Olivia Benson stared at the shiny purple toothbrush in her hand and grinned. It was perfectly Casey to have such a thing and even more like her to think of providing it. Shaking her head, she brushed her teeth quickly and washed her hands. When she was finished she noticed the soap hadn’t quite masked the scent of Casey on her fingers. The racy fragrance sent a bolt of electricity right through her and Olivia looked in the mirror, a little surprised by her body’s reaction.

Then she smiled a secretive little smile.

Not finding Casey in her bed—where she most wanted her—Olivia perched in the bedroom doorway, looking at the attorney standing in the kitchen. Gossamer fingers of white and amber light from nearby buildings streamed into the small window, touching Casey’s pale bare body, giving the illusion that the young woman was some sort of ethereal spirit and not real at all. Liv felt her heart clench in protest of the thought.

She pushed off the doorjamb and walked silently up behind the ADA, wrapping her arms around Casey’s slender waist as she hid her eyes between her shoulder blades.

“And just what are you up to, Counselor?”

The rumble of Olivia’s question vibrated through Casey from head to toe and she trembled at the feel of it.

“I was feeling a little thirsty, Detective. I thought perhaps you were, too.” She gestured to the bottle sitting on the tray. “I opened a bottle of wine.”

“Mmmm, sounds good,” agreed Olivia. “And the food?”

“That’s for you,” explained the ADA. “You’re going to need your strength.”

Liv chuckled into the pale skin beneath her lips and dropped a tiny kiss there. “Oh, I am, am I? And why am I going to need my strength, Counselor?”

“Because, Detective,” said Casey, turning in the brunette’s arms. She held out two wine glasses which Olivia reluctantly took from her. “I have quite an appetite and I haven’t gotten my fill of you yet.”

She winked at the dumbfounded police officer, picked up the tray, and sauntered off to her bedroom...with an extra bit of swing in her hips.

Once again, she did not look back.



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