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05 June 2005 @ 02:50 am
20/20 Parts 5 and 6  
It occurs to me that if I follow the schedule I had for releasing parts of this story, I would not have all the parts up before Monday morning, when I go into the hospital for up to a week while I have major surgery. So you lucky devils get more than one part today! And tomorrow will be the final part.

Title: 20/20
Authors: DiNovia and sHaYcH
Pairing: Casey/Olivia
Rating: NC-17, language, graphic sexual content
Notes: sequel to "The Eyes Have It"
Spoilers: Escape
Disclaimers: We do not own these characters and, though they might be a bit tired after this, they have not been harmed. We have made no profit from this endeavor.
Thanks: To Shay, my co-author, who saved this story and my entire C/O obsession from oblivion. Thank you for all your help.

The sound of Olivia’s wine glass crashing to the floor caused both women’s heads to snap in that direction. Breathless, her body still throbbing with electricity, the detective tried to push herself up and off the bed, intent on cleaning up the mess.

Casey caught Liv’s hands and gazed deeply into her dark espresso eyes.

“Olivia, forget about the wine,” she breathed, her voice urgent. “I need to touch you.” She crawled toward the head of the bed and settled herself at the older woman’s side, running short nails from Olivia’s groin to her throat.

“Yes...Casey, please...” Olivia Benson was awash in chaos, tumbling, drowning in an ache so fathomless that she felt sure she would die.

“I need to kiss you. Do you want that, lover? Do you want my mouth on yours?” The redhead’s eyes burned like autumn fire, searing the detective to the bone.

“Yes...kiss me...”

Casey plundered the mouth beneath her lips, delving deeply, entangling her tongue with Liv’s, owning that space and all of its splendor. Then she pulled away, gasping. She reached for one of Olivia’s strong hands and pressed long fingers into her own waiting wetness.

“Feel my need, Olivia...” The detective groaned and blindly reached for her lover, wanting more. Casey stopped the grasping hand and suckled slick fingers. “Your pleasure does this to me. Do you understand?”

Olivia could only nod, her breath coming in harsh sobs.

“Your cries, your body, your mouth, your eyes... They do this to me...”

She straddled one of Liv’s muscular thighs and rocked herself against the tempered strength there, throwing her head back, grunting her appreciation of the sensation. Then her head fell forward and her mouth sought Olivia’s berry-dark nipples, licking and sucking them, teasing them hard.

“I want to make you wet,” she growled, shamelessly rubbing her face over her lover’s beautiful breasts. “I need to take you again, to see you let go again. Please, Olivia...feel me...” She knelt between the detective’s thighs, drawing gentle hands from shoulders to calves. “I need to be inside you.” Her fingers converged at Olivia’s center and Casey thrust them suddenly and deeply inside her. Liv cried out, her hips bucking desperately.

“Case...want...let me...” Olivia tried to rise up, tried to turn the two of them so that she was on top.

Casey’s thrusts became more intense, rendering Liv’s intention impossible, and the brunette fell back against the pillows.

“Do you feel it, Liv? Do you feel my need?” The redhead made sure her lover was watching as she slipped the fingers of her free hand between her own legs, touching herself.

“Oh...my...God...” Olivia Benson did not know how much more of this sweet torture she could take. The sight of Casey above her, thrusting into her while sliding fingers into herself... It was enough to... It was too much...

Casey felt the shuddering begin deep inside her lover. “Wait for me, Olivia,” she commanded.

The detective could not imagine a harder request to obey. “Can’t...please...Case...”

“Wait. For. Me.” The ADA’s low, rumbling voice left no room for argument. Her hard gem eyes, her tense jaw, her flared nostrils…she was a statue hovering on the edge of life. “Say my name.”

Olivia arched so high off the bed that her thighs quivered with the strain. “Casey...” she sobbed.

“Tell me who makes you feel this way, Olivia.” Casey’s eyes were wild, dark and desperate.

“You...” Olivia threw every ounce of her considerable will into obeying her lover’s commands and yet she honestly didn’t believe she could hold back her surrender one more minute. It was so close… So close…

“Casey...God, Casey...don’t...don’t let me...”

Universes died and were born in the seconds between heartbeats. A crescendo of passion skittered along Casey’s nerves as Heaven’s gates opened and she spiraled into the center of the galaxy.

“Now,” she rasped. “Let go, Olivia...”

Olivia’s breath hitched at the back of her throat as her body stilled in its impossible arch. She held the apex until the balance finally shifted and the world dropped out from under her.

She screamed.

Casey followed her immediately, resplendent in her joy, flying, wheeling in the currents of Olivia’s howling release until she collapsed, breathless, nearly senseless, at her lover’s side.

Olivia Benson struggled with spent muscles, forcing one languid, boneless arm to reach for Casey Novak, weakened fingers caressing her lover’s flushed cheek.

“So...beautiful...” she breathed, her touch soft and ephemeral. “So...beautiful...” Her eyes fluttered closed, her body and mind adrift in splendor. “My Casey...”

Those words, so softly spoken that Casey couldn’t be sure she’d actually heard them, were the last to come from Olivia’s lips as she succumbed to sleep.


“My Casey...”

Casey Novak started awake, hearing again the ghost of a whisper in her dream. As her eyes cleared and she realized the truth of her dream, she began to doubt her wakefulness.

Olivia Benson’s head was tucked under her chin and she and the detective were completely entangled, braided together like challah. Casey pulled back a little to look down at her lover and the vision overwhelmed her. Liv slept soundly, obviously contented. Her long lashes lay sweetly against her cheeks. Her breathing was deep and even. Casey could even feel her heartbeat against her belly.

Tears flooded the ADA’s coppery eyes. She wanted to wake Olivia with sleepy kisses. She wanted to make love to her, tenderly, slowly...for all eternity. Instead, she disentangled herself from Olivia’s embrace and backed away from her, trying to put some distance between them. She ended up sitting curled up against her headboard, staring at the peacefully sleeping older woman.

Satisfied, Novak? she asked herself harshly. You fucked Olivia Benson. Made her say your name so many times you’ll come for months just thinking about it. Was it a good trade? One night of frenzied fucking for a friendship it took months to build? Can you even look her in the eye tomorrow? Can you face the squad knowing how she feels? Tastes? Smells? Knowing that her slickness glistens on your thighs like sugar syrup icing on the proverbial donut?

She laughed briefly, a sound filled with derision and scorn. God, Novak, you’re wet just thinking about it. She does that to you. She’s in you. Even now.

Her red hair fluttered softly around her face as she shook her head. What have you done, Counselor? I’ll tell you what you’ve done. You plead out the possibility of love for the lighter sentence of lust. And you have to live with that. Surely you can take it...right, Counselor? Life without the possibility of a loving relationship with Olivia Benson? After all, you’ll always have the sex. If you’re careful, you can cling to the memories for years.

Wanting to scream, Casey instead grabbed her pillow and buried her face in its satiny fabric, clutching it to her with clenched fists.

God, I am such a jackass! I’ve lost it all. I’m in love with this woman and I treated her like a throw away date! All I want is to wake up in her arms and I can’t bear to sleep.

The young attorney lifted her eyes to look at Olivia one more time.

I don’t want to forget anything, anything about this night. It was so close to being perfect.

“I love you.” Casey whispered the words so softly there was hardly a breath of sound to them. But she’d said them aloud. Laid them into the fabric of reality like tiles into a mosaic. Nothing could ever change that.

The detective chose that moment to shift in her sleep, groaning softly, reaching for something. Casey froze, caught between allowing herself the fantasy of being what Olivia was searching for and knowing that could never be possible.

It was the glasses, Novak, she counseled herself darkly. Those stupid glasses. If only you had taken them off. If only you had said you were straight...

The scent of Olivia lingered on her fingers, on her body. Casey wondered if she’d have the strength to shower away the proof of their night together.

I’ll never wear them again, she vowed as her tears finally slipped over her lashes. They burned searing pathways down her cheeks, carving a deepening valley of silent grief that choked her. Not wanting to wake Olivia with her pathetic weakness, Casey lowered her face back into the depths of the pillow and wept.



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