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26 February 2006 @ 09:34 pm
New C/O! The Awakening, part one  
The Awakening
by DiNovia

Fandom:  L&O:SVU
Pairing:  Casey/Olivia
Rating:  NC-17/MA
Spoilers:  "Night", "Day"
Notes:  Sequel to The Good Earth, which was based on fewthistle's Look Homeward, Angel .

This seems to be the first in a series of C/O stories based on holidays.  Be on the lookout for the next one, dealing with Christmas/New Year's, coming to an LJ near you.

Also, at over 21,000 words, it was apparently way too long to post in one piece, so I've had to break it up into three parts.  Forgive me.  :)


"You're going where?"  To say Elliot Stabler was surprised would have been an understatement.  It actually appeared as if his eyebrows were shopping for airspace three feet above his head.

"On vacation," repeated Olivia Benson as she stacked a few manila folders in her out box.  "You remember those, don't you?  A series of days set aside for you each year where you don't have to eat, sleep, and breathe 'the Job'?  Where instead you go somewhere--preferably far away--to see something else.  Anything else.  Like the Grand Canyon or the Mall of the Americas."  A tiny smile flashed across her eyes and dusted her lips before she looked up.  "Or, in this case, our nation's capitol."

"On vacation."  Elliot leaned back in his chair and swung it from side to side, pinning his partner with a studiously indifferent gaze.  "And when was the last time you took more than two days off in a row, Olivia?  Hell, for that matter, when was the last time you took any time off?  And doctor's visits don't count."

Liv chucked a pencil into the cup next to her phone and frowned, the spot right between eyebrows crinkling unhappily.  "Don't start, Elliot."

"Yeah, E, lay off," agreed Fin from his desk.  He was hunting and pecking on his keyboard, making a go of catching up on some DD-5s that were going stale in unkempt piles all over his desk.  "Don't pull that Huang shit on her.  Let her enjoy her damn vacation in peace!"

"What?" asked the detective defensively.  "I'm just saying it's been a while.  I mean, I wanna know why Olivia 'Workaholic' Benson is taking vacation--at Thanksgiving, no less--to see a bunch of museums and crap in DC."  He looked at Liv accusingly.  "Is this because of last year?  The thing with the fried turkey?  I told you that wasn't my fault."

"It's not that, Elliot," replied Liv, barely able to keep herself from rolling her eyes at him.  "It has nothing to do with you or the giant fireball that almost killed me and nearly burned down your house last year.  I just feel like getting away for a while.  I need a break."

"And if you believe that, gentlemen," said Munch, steepling his fingers over his chest, "then I have a phone number guaranteed to be the direct line to Elvis's current hideaway, located in sunny Rock Harbor, Florida.  Yours for only a grand." 

Fin glanced at Olivia then turned to his partner, his frown more one of confusion than disapproval.  "Whatcha mean?  You sayin' Liv's lyin' to us?"  It was clear he didn't believe that for a second.

"Oh no, no, no, my friend.  Not lying.  Our Ms. Benson is much too smart to be caught in an outright lie."  He grinned evilly, watching with a meddler's glee as Liv started to look very nervous.  "She's just not telling us the truth, are you, Olivia?  At least not the whole truth."

Elliot sat forward in his chair, one inquisitive eyebrow climbing his ample forehead.  "That right, Liv?  You leavin' something out?"

The female detective shot a look at Munch that clearly said If I could find a way to drop a handful of leeches down your shorts without out you thinking it was some bizarre sort of come on, I would, Geekboy.  Then she faced Elliot and calmly said the lamest thing she had possibly ever said in her entire life.

"None of your bee's wax."  As soon as the words left her mouth, her head dropped to her desk with shame.  She would have groaned in response to her own stupidity if she hadn't been waiting for the floor of the squad room to crack open and swallow her whole.  How long was it until she could leave again? 

Both Elliot and Munch laughed.  "What are you, ten?" accused her partner.  "'None of your bee's wax?'"

"Shut up," she shot back, her voice muffled by her shirt sleeves.  "Leave me alone."

"Now why would I do something like that when picking on you makes you use words like bee's wax?"  He leaned forward and started poking her with his index finger.  "Buzz, buzz, buzz.  What aren't you telling us, eh, Liv?  Buzz, buzz, buzz.  I can do this all day, you know ."

"Go.  The FUCK.  Away."  She tried to curl up into herself but she couldn't hide from him.  And she'd be damned if she'd run.  She'd endure his stupid buzzing and poking forever before she did that.

"Ask her if she knows how our illustrious ADA is spending her holiday, Elliot."  As if imbued with some sort of magic, Munch's words stopped Elliot's incessant prodding and caused Olivia's head to raise up off her desk.  Both detectives turned to stare at the older man but with vastly different looks on their faces.  Elliot looked intrigued while Olivia's features seemed to convey only a murderous intent.  Munch blithely rambled on, oblivious.  "Reliable sources tell me Ms. Novak is taking vacation at the same time as our esteemed colleague here.  And it is a matter of public record that her family resides in Falls Church, Virginia.  Only a few short miles from the District of Columbia, in fact.  Isn't that right, Olivia?"

Fin looked from Olivia's rage-glittered eyes to Munch's smug grin and back again.  "Shit, Munch, don't you ever shut up?  She's got a gun, man!"

"Relax, Detective Tutuola," said John, dismissing Fin's concern.  "If Olivia were going to kill me, she'd have done it long before now."

"Wait!"  Elliot put up a hand to stop John's rampant teasing and leaned closer to his partner.  "Liv?  Is he right?  You're going home with Casey for Thanksgiving?"  His voice was as low as he could make it and still be heard.  For him, this topic had gone from silly to serious in an instant.  If true, this was big.  If true, this was bigger than big.  And it didn't deserve to be bandied about the squad room like some sort of ridiculous beach ball.

Olivia looked at her hands, obviously embarrassed but still unable to completely hide the shy smile crooking her lips.  "Yeah," she confessed.

"What are you two whispering about over there?" called the salt-and-pepper haired detective from his desk across the room.  "Inquiring minds want to know!"

"You!" said Elliot, whipping around to jab a finger at Munch.  "You're done!  Fin, put a leash on him.  If he moves out of that chair, shoot him."  He turned back to Olivia and jabbed a finger at her as well.  "You!  In the locker room.  Now!"

Stunned, Olivia bolted out of her chair and followed Elliot as he stalked away.

"Aw, man.  Now look whatcha did, Freak," groused Fin.  He scowled at Munch and shook his head.  "Elliot's in Marine mode, man!  We're all in trouble now."

"What'd I do?" asked the older detective.  He was the picture of innocence with his "kicked puppy" look and his palms turned to the sky.  Fin snorted and went back to his DD-5s.


Elliot Stabler whirled on his partner as soon as the door to the locker room shut behind them. 

"What the Hell is going on, Liv?"

Wide-eyed, Olivia did a passable imitation of Munch's protestation of innocence, complete with palms raised to the sky.  "What?  What's wrong?"

"What's wrong?"  The older detective ran a hand through his thinning hair.  "What's wrong?  How about this is a little sudden, isn't it?  I mean...I thought..."  He paced in front of a row of battered lockers, then stopped to pick at a spot where the ugly putty paint was peeling off to reveal a hideous shade of institutional green.  "Thanksgiving with her family, Liv?  That's pretty big, isn't it?  I thought you two hadn't even...you know..."

Olivia blushed.  Talking to Elliot about sex always felt like how she imagined talking to a married brother about it would feel.  Embarrassing and vaguely creepy.

"We haven't," she muttered.  She nervously played with the chain at her throat.  "I didn't want to rush...anything."

"You didn't want to rush anything?"  Elliot looked almost amused.  Olivia did not.

"What's that supposed to mean, Elliot?" she asked pointedly.

Ah, shit.  He held up his hands; tried to explain.  "Liv, I didn't mean--"

"Bullshit you didn't!  You're just like the rest of them, aren't you?  You think that I just jump into--"  She stopped suddenly and clenched her fists.  Angry tears pricked the corners of her eyes. 

Of course he thinks that.  Everyone thinks that.  You think that. 

"Elliot, don't you think I'm sick to death of it?  Sick to death of falling into bed with someone then disappearing before the sun comes up?  Of never trusting anyone enough, of always running away?"  She dropped down onto one of the benches and propped her elbows on her knees.  "I kept waiting for it to change.  I kept thinking that the next time, the next person...would be...different.  But it wasn't.  It was never any different."

Elliot sat down beside her.  "Not even with Alex?"

Olivia chuckled ruefully.  She would have been more surprised by the assumption if it hadn't been the hundredth or so time she'd heard it. 

"There was never any 'with Alex', Elliot," she admitted softly.  She glanced at his cloud-gray eyes.  "I know you all thought there was.  And I never told you otherwise because I guess I had hoped..."  Her voice drifted away with her thoughts, riding memories like a gull navigating a brisk ocean breeze.  When she returned to the confines of the locker room there was a sadness in her eyes.  "I'm not crazy, Elliot.  There was something there between Alex and I.  There just wasn't enough time.  And even if there had been..."

"She wasn't right for you."  It wasn't a question.  Or even a supposition.  Elliot's statement sounded carved in stone and Olivia looked at him quizzically.  "She wanted to be more than just an ADA, Liv.  She wanted to call the shots, wanted political power.  And as much as she may have hoped otherwise, that just isn't you.  It would have broken you two up.  Maybe not at first, but eventually.  Eventually you would have begun to resent her going to political dinners and fundraisers on the arm of a hired stud, would have resented her calling you her 'dear friend' to the press.  Eventually she would have gotten tired of all the hiding, of all the complications that go with being a closeted political figure.  It would have ended..."  He paused, trying to come up with a word to describe the scene he saw in his mind's eye.  "Messily," he said finally.

Silence pulsed through the musty room for a few heartbeats until Olivia found her voice.  "Wow.  You really gave that a lot of thought."

Elliot snorted.  "A little, yeah."  He gazed into Liv's burnt-sugar eyes.  "But just because I was worried.  We all were.  We just want you to be happy, Liv.  You deserve at least that much from this shit-hole life.  No matter who your mother was.  No matter what your father did.  You deserve that much.  And more."

Liv laughed a watery laugh and looked away from her partner in an attempt to hide the tears in her eyes.  Using a classic tactic to distract him from her sudden emotion, she punched his shoulder.

"Ow," he complained, rubbing the spot.  "You really are ten, aren't you?"

"Bite me," she retorted feebly.  Then she hid her eyes.  "Oh God, I am ten."  The two of them laughed again and then fell into a comfortable silence.  Until--that is--Elliot remembered the point of their conversation.

"Liv?  You said before you were waiting for things to be different.  Are they?  With Casey, I mean?"

The secret smile returned to Liv's mouth.  "Yeah," she said softly.  "She makes me want to make them different."  She quirked a self-conscious grin at him.  "I know.  Corny, huh?"  She shrugged as if to say But I can't help it, and left.

"No, Olivia," smiled Elliot as he watched the locker room door swing shut behind her.  "It's not corny.  It's a goddamned miracle."


"Take the next exit," directed Casey.  Olivia nodded but said nothing.  In fact, she hadn't said a word for almost an hour--not since Casey had excitedly announced that they were "almost there".  The ADA took a good look at the detective and noted how white her knuckles were on the steering wheel, how serious was the set of her jaw.  She laid a gentle hand on Olivia's forearm.  "Are you okay?"

"Yes," said the older woman shortly.  But after glancing at Casey and her worried green eyes, she took a deep breath and tried to be a little more honest.  "No," she admitted softly.  "I'm...nervous."

It had seemed like such a good idea at the time.  Thanksgiving at Casey's father's house.  Casey had wanted her to come so badly and really, what else was she going to do?  The same thing she'd done every year for the last seven?  Take up another chair at Kathy and Elliot's?  When her mother was still alive, she might have had a second, later meal with her; the two of them carving a small turkey breast between them or going out to dinner at one of the nicer hotels that catered to the "holiday lost" as Olivia called them.  And even if that second, later dinner usually ended up with her mother drunk and Olivia close to tears, she always had those hours before the wine set in to pretend that they were a real family, thankful for something even if it was just surviving another year. 

This year, though, things were different and Thanksgiving in Falls Church had seemed such an easy thing to do, such a nice change to make. 

But now, with their destination looming on the horizon, Olivia's insecurities came sharply to the fore.  Like the anti-war propaganda of Hanoi Hannah or Tokyo Rose, there was a never ending anti-Olivia radio show in her head.  A voice--suspiciously like her mother's-- telling Olivia over and over that she was flawed, evil, not fit for human company.  For the last hour that voice had been getting louder and louder.  It was driving her crazy and fucking with her mood.

"What can I do to help?" asked Casey and the question made Olivia smile ever so slightly.  Not one to try to assuage fears with useless platitudes, Casey was willing to do whatever it took to make Olivia feel more in control of a situation that was, in actuality, out of anyone's control.  That small consideration for her feelings did wonders for Olivia's mood.  However, there was something else that would help, too.

"Chris's girlfriend's name is Julie, right?"

Casey chuckled to herself.  They'd already been over this how many times?  But if it would help...

"Yes.  Julie."

"Julie what?"

"What?" asked Casey, confused.  Olivia hadn't asked this question before.  "What 'Julie what'?"

Olivia laughed in spite of herself.  "She has a last name, doesn't she?"

"Oh!"  Casey laughed, too.  Obviously she was nervous herself...though she knew she had no reason to be.  Olivia was going to be the hit of the holiday.  "Yeah.  It's Roberts."

Olivia almost drove the rental off the road.  "Your brother is dating Julia Roberts??  The Julia Roberts?"

Casey rolled her eyes.  "The one who's married and who just had a set of oddly named twins last year?  Yeah, my brother's into that sort of thing."  She shook her head.  "No, not the Julia Roberts, Olivia.  Just someone with the same name.  Which she hates.  She has to have an unlisted phone number and everything.  You wouldn't believe the number of idiots who think Julia Roberts would actually list her phone number in the book.  Let alone live in DC."  She glanced at the cross street that was coming up.  "Take a right at the next light."

"Okay."  Olivia took a deep breath.  "We're getting close, aren't we?"

Casey nodded.  "Pretty close, yeah.  It's about ten minutes from here."  She bit her lip for a moment, then made a decision.  "Pull over."

"What?"  Olivia looked incredulously at the younger woman.

"Pull over.  In that parking lot over there.  I want to talk to you for a minute."

Olivia did what she was told, pulling into a spot in the nearly-deserted grocery store parking lot and turning off the engine.  She didn't know where to look so she kept her eyes on her hands in her lap.

"Olivia, look at me."

The detective looked up into sorrow-filled green-glass eyes.  

"We didn't really talk about this too much, did we?" began Casey.  She reached for one of Olivia's hands and held it gently in her own.  "That's my fault, I know.  I just wanted...  I couldn't..."  Flustered, Casey took a breath and tried again.  "If this is too much, just tell me, okay?  I don't want you to think that I'm pushing too hard or that I think there's more going on between us than there really is or...whatever.  Looking back, it was pretty selfish of me to ask you to come here.  I...I just wanted to be near you this particular holiday and I didn't give much consideration..."  She looked at their entwined hands for a long moment before finally finishing her thought.  "If you want to turn around and go back to New York, I would understand.  I'm sorry.  YoucanjustdropmeoffandI'llfindmyownwayhome--"

Olivia stopped Casey's rambling with a sudden and gentle kiss.  When they parted, she rested her forehead against the younger woman's.  "You're not pushing too hard, Casey.  I just...I'm just worried, okay?  I mean, I'm sure your father didn't picture someone like me for his only daughter, you know?"

"Someone like what?" asked the frowning ADA.  "Like a decorated police detective?"  She ran her fingers over the back of Liv's hand.  "Like a strong, beautiful woman with the most amazing, gorgeous brown eyes I've ever seen?"

Olivia snorted mirthlessly.  "You paint a pretty picture, Counselor," she said dully.  She hoped Casey couldn't hear the lump in her throat that she was so desperate to hide.

"I'm just telling the truth."  Casey lifted Olivia's hand to her mouth and brushed her lips over her knuckles.  "I wish you could see that."

Olivia glanced at Casey and smiled softly.  She's always in my corner...even when I'm not.  How can I spit on that?  She abruptly leaned over and kissed the younger woman, startling her.  When she broke the kiss, she nuzzled the redhead's cheek and took a deep breath, inhaling the comforting scent of Casey's citrus-rosemary shampoo and something slightly spicy that was Casey alone.

"I'm sorry, honey," she whispered.  "I don't mean to be so...negative.  I just want your family to like me.  It's important to me."  She pulled back a bit and looked shyly into Casey's eyes.  "Because it's important to you."

Casey shook her head and grinned.  "My family isn't going to like you, Olivia; they're going to love you."  But not half as much as I do.  "And my father's a big marshmallow.  You'll see."

"Sure he is...for you!  I bet the significant others you've brought home over the years would claim otherwise."

Casey blushed.  "Well..."

Olivia blinked.  "Casey Novak, if you tell me that I'm the first person you've ever brought home to meet your family, so help me..."  Nervous was no longer the right word for what Olivia was feeling.  Nauseated was more accurate.

"You're not the first," Casey promised hurriedly. 

Olivia sensed there was more that the young woman wasn't telling her.  "But...?"

"But...you're the first in six years." 

Olivia groaned.  "Oh my God.  Your father is going to kill me."

Casey laughed.  "No, he's not!  Honestly, Olivia.  You worry too much."  She tugged on the detective's hand.  "Now come here for a second," she said huskily, her eyes sparkling.

Olivia quirked her famous half-grin at the attorney.  "What are you planning to do, Counselor?" she asked as she leaned towards the redhead.

"Nothing," said Casey innocently.  "Well, nothing much," she amended before capturing Liv's lips with her own.  The kiss started at 'simmer' but soon hit 'boiling' when Casey wound her fingers in Olivia's longish, darker locks and pulled her close.  Olivia wrapped Casey in her arms and buried one hand in the silky hair at the nape of the attorney's neck.  She swallowed Casey's moan when she deepened their connection. 

"Mmmm, Ms. Novak," whispered Liv as she traced Casey's jawline with her mouth.  "You're very good at this."

"Not half as good as you are, Ms. Benson," countered Casey as she reclaimed Olivia's lips.  Sweet, hot, languid and intense, the kiss would have drowned them both except...

Bambambambam.  A sudden banging on the car's hood caused the two women to jump apart guiltily. 

"What the FUCK?" yelled Casey, her heart pounding.  She pressed her hand over it as if to keep it in her chest.  Olivia couldn't help herself; she burst out laughing.  "What the Hell are you laughing at?" the younger woman shot at Liv, her eyebrows crowded low over her eyes. 

"Casey?" came an incredulous voice from outside the car.  "You're parking with your girlfriend on Thanksgiving?  I am so telling Dad!"

"'Telling Dad'?" repeated Olivia, horrified.  She blinked at the grinning blond standing outside the car, waving at them jovially.  "Oh my God.  That's your brother?  We were just caught making out in the car by your older brother?"  Olivia wondered if she was even going to make it to dinner at this rate.

Casey glared at the man in question.  "Start the car, Olivia," she ground out between gritted teeth.  "Run him down.  No jury in the entire Universe would convict you.  I'll make sure of it."

Olivia cradled her head in her hands and muttered, "Yeah, but right now prison sounds pretty good to me."


"Casey, come on!  Don't be like this!"  Chris Novak walked backward through the foyer carrying a 12-pack of Sam Adams and one of Casey's suitcases.  "I was just kidding around!"

"Stay away from me, Buttbrain.  I mean it.  I'm not talking to you."  Casey pulled her other suitcase behind her while one hand made sure to keep her older brother at bay.  Olivia followed them down the short hallway, noting at once the simple warmth of Casey's father's home and the welcome scent of turkey already roasting in the oven.  It was all so homey she almost didn't trust it.  Almost.  Casey's presence next to her made all the difference. 

"Look, if I hadn't have--er--interrupted, you could still be in that parking lot!  What if you'd been late to dinner?  I was doing you a favor, Case!"  Chris's features were dead serious but his laughing gray eyes gave him away.

"I still hear talking.  Do you hear talking, Liv?  I hear talking.  I guess the jerk really doesn't want Christmas presents this year after all."

Before he could respond, another voice called from the back of the house.  "Ladybug?  Is that you?"  Olivia assumed it was Casey's father, both by the tenor of the man's voice and by the smile that lit Casey's features like the summer sun.

"Daddy!" squealed the younger woman and she ran for the origin of the call, dropping her bag like it was so much dirty laundry.  Olivia bent down to pick it up, a tolerant smile playing about her lips.  Casey's sudden joy was infectious.

"I didn't do anything, Pops!" called Chris behind his sister.  "I swear.  Just ask Olivia here."

"Oh stuff it, Chris," said another voice, this one joining the party in the foyer.  "She's not going to lie for you and neither would I if I'd been there.  Whatever you did, it was probably even worse than Casey's going to make it out to be, so just count your lucky stars and try not to incriminate yourself."  The curvy woman with a long, dark ponytail turned to Olivia and thrust out her hand.  "You must be Olivia.  Ignore 'Buttbrain' over there.  He's incorrigible.  I should know.  I'm his girlfriend."

Olivia juggled the suitcases and bakery boxes she was carrying and took the shorter woman's hand.  "Julie, right?  Nice to meet you."

"No, it's nice to meet you," said Julie earnestly.  "When Matt called to tell us that Casey was bringing 'someone special' to dinner this year...well, Chris and I were thrilled.  Here.  Let me help you with some of that," she laughed, reaching out for the bakery boxes and Casey's other suitcase.  "That's too much to handle even for one of New York's finest."

The comment raised one of Olivia's eyebrows.  "Someone in your family on the job?" she asked lightly.  A minefield of possible heartbreaking responses loomed before her but she had to ask.  It was part of the unwritten code, the 'thin blue line'.  Expected in such a situation yet never easy.

"An uncle," smiled Julie.  "Retired with forty years on the force.  Albany PD."

"Forty years," repeated Liv, clearly impressed.  "That's quite an achievement."

"Now, now, Julie.  The woman didn't come here to discuss work," interrupted a smiling, salt-and-pepper haired man.  He was tall and stocky with the same patrician nose as his daughter and the same laughing green eyes.  He had Casey on his arm and both father and daughter beamed.  To Olivia's eyes, Casey had never looked as lovely as she did at that moment.   "Detective Benson," greeted Matthew Novak, offering his hand.  "Welcome to my home."   

"Thank you, Colonel Novak, sir," she replied, taking his hand and shaking it firmly.  "And please, call me Olivia."

"Olivia it is.  A fitting name for such a beautiful woman."  Matt's eyes twinkled.

Shocked by the compliment, Olivia could only stand there dumbly while her cheeks and the tips of her ears burned bright red.  Until, that is, Casey came to her rescue.

"Daddy, stop!  You're embarrassing her!"

"What?  What did I say?  You don't think it's true?"  He arranged his features into a mock-horrified look.  "Surely you think your girlfriend is beautiful, don't you, Ladybug?"

Now it was Casey's turn to blush, which she did with the same intensity as a fireworks display.  "That's it," she said flatly, dropping her father's arm and reaching for Olivia's hand.  "Put the stuff back in the car, Liv.  We're going home--"

"No, no!  I'm sorry!"  Matt held his hands up to stop his headstrong daughter.  "I'm sorry, honey!  I couldn't resist!  I'll behave, I promise."  He turned pleading eyes toward Olivia.  "Forgive me, Detective.  Quickly.  Before my Casey here drags you away for good.  I don't want that.  You just got here!"

Having regained a bit of her conversational footing, Olivia decided to fight fire with fire.  "Quid pro quo, Colonel.  If I convince Casey to stay, what's in it for me?"

Matt blinked at Olivia for a long, uncertain moment then roared with laughter.  "Oh, Ladybug, she's good!" he raved.  He drew himself up to his full height and stood at attention, giving the impression that he was about to engage in some sort of battlefield negotiation.  His wide grin was the only thing that gave him away.  "How about I drop you from the duty roster for the day?"  He thought for a second and hurriedly added, "And you get extra servings of my stuffing before the others."

Liv made a show of pondering the offer.  "I've heard good things about that stuffing," she said non-committally.

Matt raised an eyebrow as he considered the dark-haired woman with the enigmatic gaze.  "You've obviously studied at the Casey Novak School of Negotiation, Detective.  Are you at all partial to coffee?"  He barked a short laugh.  "Never mind.  You're a cop.  Of course you are.  You probably bleed the stuff, like my little girl."  He placed his hands behind his back and paced a few steps.  "You're off the duty roster, you get second helpings of the stuffing before the others, and after dinner, you and I will have a cup of coffee together while they do the dishes.  Kona Blue Sky Peaberry.  Private Reserve, direct from Hawaii.  Does that meet with your approval, Detective?"

Olivia did not hesitate.  She turned her sparkling eyes to Casey's.  "Sorry, honey.  We're staying."

Julie and Chris joined in the laughter as Casey put her hands on her hips, the look on her face somewhere between proud, stunned, annoyed, and confused.  "I have no idea what just happened here.  None at all," she groused.

"It's called 'an ambush', sis," said Casey's brother in a very know-it-all tone.  "Now you know how I feel.  Finally!"

Casey shook her head.  "Terrific," she muttered grouchily.  "Just what I always wanted."

She wondered why she was the only one not laughing.


TBC in Part Two

Hope you enjoyed it!


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Otter86: caseyotter86 on February 27th, 2006 02:47 am (UTC)
OMG! Haven't read it yet, but much love to you for doing one!! Now I have to really make myself do my math first before reading :(
seftiri: C/O Yay Heroesseftiri on February 27th, 2006 03:07 am (UTC)
Yes, Math first, then C/O.

But I think you'll be pleased. At least, I hope so. :D

Danielle: Casey/Olivia - No Personal Spacedani_ellie on February 27th, 2006 03:00 am (UTC)
OMGOMGOMG! God, I love you.

That? Was marvelous. Simply marvelous.
seftiri: O_oseftiri on February 27th, 2006 03:08 am (UTC)
You finished all three parts already?? O_o

I just got finished posting it to my communities!


Glad you liked it, sweetie! :D
(Anonymous) on February 27th, 2006 04:19 am (UTC)
I liked really, nice touch. warm and sort of fuzzy. nice touch.
seftiri: All Smilesseftiri on February 27th, 2006 02:04 pm (UTC)
Thank you! Glad you liked it. :D
Shut up and smile: New York's finest Finestmorningafter2 on February 27th, 2006 05:45 am (UTC)
Loving it so far. Yay for warm and fuzzies!

Hm... part two, or Farewell to Manzanar... hm... one will preserve my pride, the other will make me very happy...

Hum... part two then.
seftiri: Mar Grinseftiri on February 27th, 2006 02:06 pm (UTC)
Glad you enjoyed this part, sweetie! :D Hope you enjoy the rest!
Zenduckcrimsonwhisper on February 27th, 2006 11:04 am (UTC)
This is great. i love it, really made me smile. i needed that. on to part 2.
seftiri: DN Joyseftiri on February 27th, 2006 02:07 pm (UTC)
Making people smile is my primary goal with these stories! :D

I'm so glad you enjoyed this.
shayshaych_03 on March 3rd, 2006 11:53 am (UTC)
how do i compliment someone i've already shoveled enough good words on to build a mountain? :D

this first section had all the great elements of a good story: flow, energy and best of all, it was well edited .

nothing beats a story that i can sink into and enjoy wholeheartedly without having to listen to my internal spell/grammar/etc checker going, 'd'oh!'.

onward to the next part then :D
seftiri: C/O Yay Noteseftiri on March 3rd, 2006 05:23 pm (UTC)
Thank you, dear! :D

Glad you enjoyed it and that my editing met with your approval!