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16 March 2006 @ 01:08 pm
Out of the Mouth of Babes...  

Okay, so I just had the funniest conversation with my niece, Zoe.

We were in the kitchen watching my mother cook macaroni and cheese for lunch. Zoe loves to watch people cooking and to help out in the kitchen. She's going to be the next Rachael Ray. I'm going to teach her to say "EVOO", "Yummo", and "Sammies" this afternoon, just to get her started. ;)

Anyway, I thought she might want to sit in the kitchen and watch my mom cook, so I brought her little chair in from the living room.

Me [to Zoe]: Do you want to sit on your chair and watch Gramma cook?

Zoe [between bites of a plum]: No. I prefer to stand.

Me [blinking in shock]: You prefer to stand, huh? Who are you? Seven of Nine?

Zoe [looking at me like I am the biggest idiot in the whole Universe]: No. I'm two.


That kid rocks my world!!


So funny!

Anyway, she's outside with my mother, probably picking up every pine cone she sees.

Oh, and Tiff, honey? She took one look at my new bear and said "Look! A bear for me!" LOLOL

I told her that she could play with it but that it was actually my bear and was a gift from "my friend, Tiffany."

She looked at the bear and said "Your friend Tiffany is nice." Then she gave the bear a hug and a kiss.

::melts:: Awwwwww...

When she went outside, she asked me if it was okay if my bear went along with her. LOLOL

She cracks me up!

Anyway, lovelies!

Talk to you later!


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