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24 March 2006 @ 10:25 pm
Announcement Regarding the Reviews  
Hey guys! I know I'm late and the review for "Class" will be up sometime tomorrow.

In general, though, the full reviews will now appear on Fridays due to my new work schedule.

The pre-reviews, however, will go up right after the episode, as usual.

Oh, and a random question...

Was there an episode of Heist on before Conviction tonight or was it an episode of SVU? I saw an ad saying that there was supposed to be an episode of SVU on tonight before Conviction but when I looked up the schedule for tonight, it said Heist.

Someone help me out?


My State of Mind: busybusy
dragynfliesdragynflies on March 25th, 2006 03:46 am (UTC)
Here it was the eppie of SVU with Estella Warren...but the TV guide and even the TV guide on the TV said it was Heist.
seftiri: DN2seftiri on March 25th, 2006 03:49 am (UTC)
So it was a repeat? Good.

I was hoping they weren't going to do some sort of strange bait and switch and give us a new ep on a weird day.

Thanks, hon!

And btw, glad you had such a great time in--where was it? Chicago? ;)

You can always measure your fun by how scandalized the hotel employees are when you leave. ;)
dragynfliesdragynflies on March 25th, 2006 03:50 am (UTC)
I was in Portland, OR but thank you :) I did have an unfortunate 3 hour layover in Chicago though. Blargh.

So is it true SVU is moving to another night?? My brother mentioned it tonight but I thought he was on crack.
seftiriseftiri on March 25th, 2006 03:52 am (UTC)
So is it true SVU is moving to another night?? My brother mentioned it tonight but I thought he was on crack.

I haven't heard anything of the sort. Mothership moved to a new time on Wednesdays but I haven't heard a peep about any changes to SVU.
dragynfliesdragynflies on March 25th, 2006 03:53 am (UTC)
Then I shall stick with my previous conclusion of my brother being on crack :)
Shut up and smile: Dawn drowning it outmorningafter2 on March 25th, 2006 04:18 am (UTC)
I believe they're re-running the Heist pilot, which was supposed to be re-aired tonight, on Monday sometime. According to the comercials during Conviction, anyway.
seftiri: All Smilesseftiri on March 26th, 2006 01:32 am (UTC)

I'm just glad the ep of SVU wasn't a new ep! :D
Shut up and smile: Dru burns baby fishiesmorningafter2 on March 26th, 2006 01:36 am (UTC)
Yeah, that would have been tragic/catastrophic/uncalled for on NBC's part. Then again, that's what they do sometimes.
Angelina Ballerina: Casey - WTF?/SoftBallgreenovalfruit on March 27th, 2006 05:52 am (UTC)
lol... I just realised I don't have you listed as a friend. Wtf?

It's ok, all better now. You limerizer of me *shakes head* I can't get the green tinge out of my skin.
seftiri: Lime Crimeseftiri on March 27th, 2006 08:10 pm (UTC)

Welcome! I friended you back, btw.

I am working on the very late review even as we speak. I hope it will be up shortly.


And green is my favorite color so don't worry about that! ;)