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"Web", a pre-review

Well my little lovelies...

This episode might actually end up with limes! You know, for actually being a case-driven episode that was both plausible and on point.

Though yes, there is plenty to snark about. Plenty.

In fact, I'm having a bit of an issue deciding what to put here as the pre-review.

Is it now a federal law that any woman who at one time portrayed a redhead on television and who wishes to either star or guest star on Law & Order: SVU must immediately dye her hair a hideous and unnatural shade of blonde? And if so, how did Stephanie March get that through the Senate?

Because Beelzebub and Bubblegum! Kate Mulgrew looked JUST AWFUL!

In the 97 seconds of her guest-starring role.

No wonder they didn't pimp her in the ads. They would have had to show us her entire scene and a half.


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