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17 August 2006 @ 02:41 pm
Air Tran and I are going to have to have a little talk...  
Thank you, my lovely flisters and lurkers, for whatever prayers, etc., you sent on the 10th.

You saved me from a 20-hour Hell. I'm sure it was you. It certainly wasn't Air Tran.

The fuckers.

Oh, and Atlanta Airport? Is dead to me. I hate it. I loathe it. Someone earlier this week said that in order to get to Heaven, I have to make a transfer in Atlanta and I said "Fine, then, Hell it is." Because ugh! With the grr! and the argh!

I got to RDU so early, expecting all kinds of delays and stuff. Yeah. Not so much. It took me 52 seconds to get through security. I counted. I'm geeky like that. 52 seconds.

I thought "Hey! My day is looking up! The reports were all exaggerated!"

My plane was supposed to leave RDU at 7:15pm so I wandered. I ate dinner. I checked in with Tiff. I wandered some more.

Then the announcements came. Delays. Delays and more delays. Atlanta was screwed. Atlanta was completely shell-shocked. Our plane hadn't even left Atlanta yet. And in fact, it didn't leave Atlanta until around 9:30pm, which our gate attendant announced on an overhead amidst much cheering.

They did an amazing 30-minute turn-around (and yes, the butch lesbian TSA officer did randomly search my lavender backpack) and we were back in the air. Once we reached Atlanta, though, the whole thing fell apart. We were stuck on the runway for an hour because they had no gate space for us. No gate space at all. Atlanta, as our pilot announced to us, was officially a cluster-fuck of the worst kind.

We get off the plane and run (11 of us trying to make our connecting flight to Vegas) to the gate they say is ours. It isn't ours. The gate people send us to another gate. No one is there and the people in the chairs say that it was the Vegas flight but it already left. 5 minutes ago.

There is much gnashing of teeth at this announcement because we have seen the line for customer service and it is an estimated 7 hours long.

I call Air Tran to have them rebook me. The earliest they can get me out of Atlanta is 11:31am the next morning. I loose my mind. I shout at the customer service rep on the phone. I am not very nice to her. Then I apologize because I just cannot leave it that way. Just then a couple in line ahead of me shouts, "The plane is still at the gate! At C20!" and we all go running.

And sure enough, the gate attendant says the plane is still there and he will let us on it. He sends us down the walkway to the plane. A flight attendant has closed the door to the plane and is shaking her head at us through the tiny round window. We are shaking our fists at her. Finally the gate attendant works everything out and we actually get on the plane. Amidst stares of death from the flight attendants and other passengers alike.

Amazingly, we land at a very quiet McCarran Airport only 5 hours later than we should have. Tiffany did have to pick me up at that ungodly hour and then get up to go to work at 7am. Needless to say, naps were in order later that night.

I have one more Air Tran trip already booked but hear me, people! After that one, I'm done with Air Tran! And the stupid Atlanta airport!

There's got to be a better way to get to and from Las Vegas from my little corner of the world. There just has to be!

I have more to report from this trip, but my head is not doing well at the moment and I need to wrap this post up.

Love to you all!


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Rebeccatheniwokesoftly on August 17th, 2006 07:28 pm (UTC)
Air Tran sucks.

Love & miss you sweetie!
seftiri: Diane @ Habitat4Humanityseftiri on August 17th, 2006 08:15 pm (UTC)
It does. Like whoa!

And btw, you! I would so tip you big if you were waiting on me! :D
lostingeekdomlostingeekdom on August 17th, 2006 08:00 pm (UTC)
When did this happen? I've been through Atlanta airport so many times now, it's usually been pretty fine for me. In fact, I'm spoiled from it compared to other airpots. And Airtran used to be good. Oh well.
seftiri: iconhumanpeersseftiri on August 17th, 2006 08:23 pm (UTC)
I've had two really awful experiences with Air Tran and Atlanta. Out of the two times I've flown them.

Once on 5/18 and once on 8/10.

I'm not sure what exactly was going on in both cases but Air Tran just doesn't seem to have their shit together and Atlanta cannot function at all if anything, like say a thunderstorm, throws a wrench in their workings.

I have one more trip planned and paid for on Air Tran and then I think I will do some comparitive shopping. It's just too much of a hassle to keep missing/almost missing connection flights.
froggumz: George & the flowersfroggumz on August 17th, 2006 08:51 pm (UTC)
Huh, and all this time I've been thinking that the Atlanta Airport was hell, not just the gateway. I can't step foot in that airport without my life falling apart for a few hours.

I hope the rest of the trip was much better then the travel!

seftiri: Blissseftiri on August 18th, 2006 03:10 am (UTC)
It's sad, isn't it? That one airport is so...screwed? I'm sure there are others. I just haven't been to any of them yet.

As for the rest of the trip? Oh it was much better than the travel. I can hardly wait for the longer one in September. 20 days with my beautiful gf. All in a row even! ;)

Angelina Ballerina: Buz Catgreenovalfruit on August 18th, 2006 09:59 am (UTC)
Poor bub! *hugs*

I'll be totally waiting to hear more, though.