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21 September 2006 @ 09:35 am
I watched SVU with my gf last night and...  
...all I have to say is that I am damned glad I'm not reviewing this season because I have to tell you, I was laughing so hard at that episode that it would have made taking notes very difficult.

The only two intelligent people in that episode (and I'm talking people who had more than two lines) were Cragen and Novak. The rest of them were a) insane and b) fucking stupid. Oh, and c) criminals.

Anyway, I am officially looking forward to the Holiska Hiatus. I am tired of her Save the World attitude. I hope she has fun as an eco-terrorist. I have this image of Olivia Benson wearing hemp clothing and shopping at organic co-ops and drinking green tea. It's not working for me. I mean, how is she going to convince them that her lipstick and matte gloss are made by companies that don't test on animals?

She just doesn't have that granola vibe, ya know?


I am in Vegas for 20 days. I get to spoil my gf. And Nigella Lawson's new Food Network show debuts on October 1st.

Life. Is. Good.


Love to you all,


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froggumz: Markers & ADDfroggumz on September 22nd, 2006 05:11 pm (UTC)
I missed all but about 30 seconds of it. Enough to see Star holding a gun on Liv & then the last 10 seconds of them calling her number. I *might* try to catch it if it shows again on USA, if I don't have to sort socks or anything as exciting as that.

YAY Vegas! Hope you are having a fantastic time ^-^