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26 February 2007 @ 11:00 am
More to say! I always have more to say!  
So, while I'm sitting here, waiting for my doctor's office to call back, I thought I'd finish up with the updates from last time, plus add some new things, and so on...

First, may I just use my corner of cyberspace to congratulate Melissa Etheridge for her Oscar win last night? She and wife, Tammy, were so wonderful and Melissa's speech was lovely and inspiring. She writes so many wonderful songs that speak out against injustice, it was wonderful to see her get the recognition she deserves.

So it's hours later now and I've been to the doctor and am now home again. I am on the proper treatment track and hopefully everything is fine because I have a plane to catch on Wednesday. So if there are those out there who are in the habit of sending a thought or two to your favorite deity/energy source/etc., please send thoughts that have me getting on that airplane Wednesday, okay? Great. Thanks.

Anyway, other news. I've been to the liver doctors and they feel that my problem is nothing to be too concerned about because they've seen worse test results. O_O Okay. In other words, not too helpful. So I've decided to see an Ayurvedic practitioner when I can save up the money to go. Ayurveda has been practiced for how long now? 4,000 years? Much longer than Western medicine. Perhaps I have Reincarnation Crud, which is my made-up name for medical issues inherited from past lives and which modern medicine will not affect. Because yes, after all I have been through, I can make up new ailments that traverse the space-time continuum. I'm cool like that.

The upshot of my visit with the hepatologists is that I can go back on the daily antibiotics I was taking for yet another of my syndromes (as long as I get a blood test every three months), I can drink again, and I don't have to put off any major life decisions, like, for instance, nursing school. :) So expect news items on that topic as things progress.

I have seen films 3/20 and 4/20 and will get around to reviewing them sometime this week probably while I am entertaining myself in Vegas while Tiffany is at work. Because ONLY TWO MORE DAYS!!


Yes. Well.

Anyway, thought I'd get a little more of the update in today/tonight.


shay: perfectionshaych_03 on February 27th, 2007 01:08 am (UTC)
glad to hear things are looking up and yes, i'll put in a word to my favorite mystical energy source just for you :D

have a great time in vegas. one of these times, i'll have to see if i can get over there when you're visiting :P
a_noni_muss on February 27th, 2007 11:00 am (UTC)
*claps* Yay I'm so glad you're doing better. And since I'm so good at following directions I shall offer my prayer up to my deity of choice.

Have fun okay? And be safe! Live, love, laugh, etc. all that inspirational stuff.
Tiffany: vm veronica approvedpiekid on April 20th, 2007 10:20 pm (UTC)
ME, one of my all-time favorite artists and music that I can listen to for days. Good stuff.