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DiNovia Drones On at The Limer Lounge

"hey, you feel like a cup of coffee?" "every second of every day."

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28 November 1969

Fanfic writer since I was 10 (still writing with pencil in spiral notebooks--fandoms back then were Buck Rogers and Doctor Who), known specifically for "Arte/Scienza", a J/7 Voyager piece; and for creating Voq_Je_Bang, the Yahoo group for the Darkside, T/7 Voyager stories and such. I have also written some XWP under the name bardzlife.

I am currently addicted to Doctor Who (again!). I am not currently writing because I am gloriously happy and head over heels in love and something about this state of being makes it nearly impossible to write anything other than love letters. However, fandoms I am known for are Voyager T/7, SVU C/O, Criminal Minds JJ/Garcia, TNG Troi/Yar, Otalia and some others that will be surprises if I ever get around to them. ;)

I am Jewish and am soon to be moving to CA (send me good job hunting vibes!)


I used to be addicted to creating LJ Icons.

Miss M, http://www.8nero.net/brushes/, Obsidian Dawn, Brush.A.Holic, http://brushes.500ml.org, Braggadocio, Heather, Stockudith, Flordely's Brushes, Floppy Ear Studios, Crazy Josh, Swine & Roses, Shadow Brushes, Memories Stock, Vero24, http://cataracta.dhsn.org/, Pretty Brush, Probably Edible, Setzer Stock, Scully7491, 1591, bloodytearslife, colorfilter, colortone, customer_mimi, daughterofsnape, enchanting_muse, hinkiepunkie, icons_with_love, ingenu0us, __millie_sama__, noloversfool, rough_draft___, secretly__dying, shogunate_icons, wash_when_dirty, zephia...

icons_with_love, shaych_03

shaych_03 (she is my main "supplier"), joemacsanne, piekid ("Ridicule", "Design", "911", "Strain")


Lime is NOT a crime, but Casey Novak IS Love!

DIANE NEAL FAN CODE: LR! R!+! T++ 619 620+ 606 716 720- F++/c/o! D+ JoM+ AlC- OlB~ A+* E+

Diane Neal is Love!

Colorbars generously provided by Tiff, who is a fabulous person! :D

Thank you, Tiff, for my motto ani! :D

The WeatherPixie

My blogger code: B4 d- t- k-- s++ u-- f+ i o++ x+ e l+ c+ (decode it!)

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